People you meet on Twitter…

The Political Activist

No matter the ridiculousness of their cause, the activist will force it down your throat until you swallow. Unusually aggressive if they find a single chink in anything you’ve said, expect to be attacked by them for even the most innocent of tweets until you’re a sobbing wreck and have apologised profusely for ever offending them.  Causes vary wildly, but whatever the point of their activism, you’ll know about it.

Gossip Girl Wannabe

Anonymous, devoid of humour and undoubtedly less glamorous than the teen drama, Gossip Girl wannabes are the worst kind of human being. They try to be funny by imitating the mystery of the show but in the real world nobody cares. Gossip relies as much as anything on word-of-mouth and more importantly nobody’s lives are actually as dramatic as in a TV Show. You still follow them though because occasionally they get into bitch-tweet wars.

Tweet Vomiter

They. Tweet. Everything. From when they wake up in the morning, ‘til they go to bed  at night, their entire day is documented on Twitter. They desperately try to be funny and relevant but they aren’t really. Nobody wants to read a Tweet synopsis of the entirety of ITV2’s daytime schedule and both editions of Millionaire Matchmaker.

Prospective Pundit

Throwing it out there but football really isn’t that interesting. There isn’t much stock put by what commentators are saying, never mind the scores of Tweeters condemning whatever catastrophic blunder a manager’s made. There’s nothing more annoying than seeing your feed awash with everyone clamouring about groups of men kicking glorified bladders around a muddy field for ninety minutes.

4 thoughts on “People you meet on Twitter…

  1. What is the point in this article?

    People go on Twitter and talk about niche political concerns? or worse, they pull people up when they’re politically incorrect? How very dare they?

    People go on Twitter and offer their opinions on football matches? On the biggest platform ever where countless people can use the same hashtags to communicate their views to eveyone and gain followers and debate with strangers, as the match is played live? So annoying.

    You can unfollow people. Or even not use Twitter at all.

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