Open Kitchen

alcuinThe Kitchen officially opened yesterday morning. Offering a selection of sandwiches, cakes and ‘brews’, and managed by YUSU Bars, The Kitchen is to replace Café Barista as one of four YUSU-managed outlets for students at York.

YUSU President Kallum Taylor told Vision, “It’s a completely unique, flexible – and perhaps slightly weird space – which is run by students, for students… And one which will again prove that YUSU are best placed to run student facing services on campus, centred around their demand. Enjoy the sandwiches, enjoy the cakes, and enjoy the brews.

“The Kitchen will soon be the most popular hidden gem on campus – if you can forgive the oxymoron!”

Often used by student and staff of Health Sciences and Chemistry, Café Barista was closed last year after revenue halved.

Upon gaining over 1200 individual signatures within 7 days, YUSU were given permission to take over the running of the café.