Only 12% women in computer science: Uni’s gender divides exposed


An investigation by York Vision into gender ratios at the university has revealed significant differences between departments.

Humanities and social-sciences are very female-dominated, but in “hard” sciences women are conspicuously absent.

In the Psycholgy department, 83% of students are women, compared to just 12% in Computer Science.

Additionally, in Education 82% of students are women, 77% in Sociology and 74% in English.

In terms of the sciences, 16% of electronics students, 15% of Physics students and 34% of Maths students are female. However, 58% of the biology department are women.

In total, women make up 56% of students at University of York.

Priya Chahal, a third year psychology student said: “The stereotypes are kind of true! There are hardly any male students around in Psychology.”

Sam Sayah, a second year Physics student  said “I feel like  its a societal thing…society enforces creative roles to women and STEM subjects to men.”

 Tom Allen, a third year electronics student commented on the gender ratio in his department: “There is a noticeable lack of women in the department. 

“However, it must be said that the women that are in the department are supported well, and treated perfectly equal to men.”

The universities has three options for gender: male, female and other. However, there were fewer than 2 people in each department  with “other” as their gender.

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