ON PAWS: Plans for York cat cafe fall apart


Plans for a cat cafe in York appear to be falling apart after its crowdfunding campaign has raised only a fraction of its required funds.

The funding project aimed to generate £25,000 but has only managed to drum up £155, less than one percent of its target amount.

The cat cafe would have worked with local rescue centres in an attempt to find homes for cats that had been in shelter for an extended period of time, with the cats in the cafe being up for adoption.

Customers would pay a small charge upon entry which would help to support the cats.

A variety of food and drinks would be available for purchase, which could then be enjoyed in the presence of the cats, which can have a therapeutic effect on people.

However, with the crowdfunding campaign running for almost 60 days, it seems unlikely that the cat cafe will ever become a reality.

York Vision first reported on the crowdfunding campaign when it was announced.

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