NUS NO Campaign co-ordinator steps down after abuse allegations

Leader of the ‘NO to the NUS’ campaign, Tom Morgan, stepped down from his role today, which is the day that voting opened.

Morgan has commented on his position quoting: “As the leader of the NO campaign, I have made the very difficult decision to stand down as the campaign coordinator.

The reason being because the experience has compromised my recovery from an illness that I have been suffering from for over five years now. The emails and messages that I have received in regards to my stance has become personal and abusive from people directly connected to the NUS nationally.”

This decision has come a day after the NUS referendum debate, which involved tension between the YES and No teams, which has built up since the beginnings of the campaigns.

Leader of the YES campaign and YUSU president Kallum Taylor angered students with his ‘inappropriate’ responses to the NO campaign’s questions at the referendum evening. Complaints were made for his actions, to which Kallum Taylor responded “if anyone has been personally upset by what I’ve said, I’m sorry, it probably will happen again”

However, Morgan was clear to mention, “that these messages have not come from anyone at York or linked with the YES campaign in York. I know for a fact that they would never condone anything like this and that they have been very professional in the way that they have conducted the campaign and I thank them for it.”

Sean Bossick is now the new leader of the NO campaign and was featured on URY this evening to talk about the issue with Kallum Taylor.

Morgan finally commented on his decision to the campaign stating “I truly regret letting everyone down but I think its right that I put myself first in this instance.”

One thought on “NUS NO Campaign co-ordinator steps down after abuse allegations

  1. Both the No and Yes campaigns have been remarkably professional, competent and effective for a student union referendum campaign. Tom should be absolutely proud of the work he has done as campaign co-ordinator; he has made an enormously positive contribution to our student democracy and he deserves to be commended for it. I wish him a speedy recovery from his condition.

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