No More Laptops in Lectures

5th_Floor_Lecture_HallSenior members of administration have confirmed that students will no longer be allowed to use laptops in lectures.

Following reports earlier this term about students watching porn in lectures, professors claim “students have exhibited an utter lack of respect towards staff and the institution.”

At this point, no member of staff has come forward as the initiator of this move. “We feel students will fail to see the bigger picture and blame their tutors. This would inhibit the learning process. Therefore, we have decided to disclose all information regarding the proceedings that led to this decision.”

Many believe the new rule can be traced back to the Law Department, where the initial complaint was filed.

The ban will start this coming term, and will be enforced by all departments.

Meanwhile, students are outraged by the measure. “It is completely unfair to all of use who use our laptops to make notes. Which, by the way, is what the majority of students who bring them to lectures do. Most of us are not watching porn.” second-year Politics students Hellen told YorkVision.

YUSU has also expressed concerns over the secrecy in which the proceedings were conducted. “We were only informed about the issue after a decision had been made. We are disappointed by the administration. We are supposed to be representing the students and we need to be alerted when such an occasion arises” Sam Maguire, YUSU president, stated.

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  1. How ridiculous. Another example of people making rules because they no longer believe we have any responsibility for common sense. People have a big fear around porn and always blow things related to it out of proportion. I really can’t imagine every department enforcing this.

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