New dragon mascot for Goodricke College


The new mascot for Goodricke College has been unveiled.

Past and present members of the college’s JCRC were in attendance on Tuesday 21 January to witness Ricke’s unveiling outside Goodricke’s main reception.

Former JCRC chair Tara Annison told York Vision: “The idea behind changing the mascot was because we wanted to update our mascot so that its quality was in line with the other colleges.

“When we looked into it I discovered that the Goodricke Gorilla was simply chosen because someone had a spare monkey costume in their room.

“So we decided as a JCRC and college team that we would create a new mascot with a new identity which better represented the college.

“As a result we chose a dragon which symbolises strength, power and certain mystical qualities.

“It’s a friendly dragon, of course, so more Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon and less Smaug from Lord Of The Rings!

“We also have a large international population and especially in Easten Asia the dragon sympolises peace, fertillity and heaven which I think is a lovely symbol for our mascot to represent.”