Most Binge-Watched TV Shows

Live Television is soooo noughties, which is pretty convenient really, because if you’ve just turned up at this plate glass, Russell Group satellite colony we call the University of York, you won’t be getting to watch all that much of it over the next year.

The way of our people is now that of binge TV. You start watching a show on your laptop and drop off from temporal reality for 16 hours at a time. This is the student way, and since I’ve recently self-appointed myself a paper-wide expert on this subject, here are my top five shows (on Netflix, because of course I would never want to suggest anything less than 100% legal) to miss your lectures over.

1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer A culturally totemic colossus of TV, all seven seasons of Buffy are available now on Netflix. What can I say about Buffy? What can’t I say? Certainly the show I’d most recommend getting emotionally invested in if you want to fail the academic year.

2. BoJack Horseman Probably my favourite new show of the year. It may only have one season thus far to its name, but the Netflix originals series BoJack Horseman is a definite watch for any self-respecting TV binge watcher. You’ll thank me for it, but don’t sue me if you hate it.

3. House of Cards US port of the seminal British political drama and original Netflix original. House of Cards was the first show made to cater to Neflix’s format and audience, and as such is a twisty-turny marathon of TV goodness. Plus: Kevin Spacey.

4. Archer Fx’s Arches is in many ways considered a kind of animated Arrested Development – both are wickedly, devilishly funny. Be warned though, because if anything Archer’s edge is if anything just that teensy bit sharper, and definitely not for the faint-hearted.

5. Arrested Development Sharp as a freshly honed wakizashi, Arrested Development was a geyser of irreverence and vaguely surrealist humour with a sublime cast, most of whom have gone on to very bright things indeed (including a few of the shows on this list). A must watch.