Millie Beach becomes first female YUSU President in nine years


MILLIE BEACH has been elected as the new President of YUSU in a tight race that came down to the fourth round of run-off voting.

With 1464 votes in the final round, she narrowly fended off Habib Nassar; Ciaran Morrissey was in third place.

She thanked all voters and her “phenomenal” campaign team as she became the first female President of the students’ union since 2007,

In an extraordinary night on campus, Tamaki Laycock was left almost speechless as she beat incumbent Academic Officer Thomas Ron to take his position in the first round of voting.

“This is a lot to take in,” Laycock told the crowd at the Roger Kirk Centre, as the results were broadcast on YSTV and University Radio York. “Thank you very much to everyone who voted,” she added.

More people voted in the election for Academic Officer than for the President of YUSU. Over 5000 students voted in the elections overall, bringing prices for some drinks at YUSU bars down 50p on Saturday.

Dom Smithies pledged to “hit the ground running” as he was elected Community and Wellbeing Officer in a landslide vote. He told a cheering audience: “I can’t believe it, thank you so, so much.”

The new President of York Sport is Isaac Beevor, who received perhaps the largest reception of the night after beating three other students to the job. “It’s great to have so much support,” he said.

The vote for Student Activities Officer also went to the fourth round and was won by Alex Lusty. “We will get the changes you want,” he pledged, and called his mum as soon as the result was announced.

Beach ran on a campaign which she called “communicate, represent and support.”

Earlier this month she told York Vision she would create a new social media platform for students, work closer with colleges and societies, and have a “termly summit” to better interaction between all the sabbatical officers.

The full results for all 18 positions announced are as follows:

President – Millie Beach

Academic Officer – Tamaki Laycock

Student Activities Officer – Alex Lusty

Community & Wellbeing Officer – Dom Smithies

York Sport President – Isaac Beevor

BME Officer – Sophie Flinders & Gabriella Obeng Nyarko

Disabled Students’ Officer – Alex Wray

Environment and Ethics Officer – Robert Gordon & Ella Parker

International Officer – Roberto Avelar

LGBTQ Officer – Jaz Millar &Ashley Reed

RAG Officer – Roz Walton

Volunteering Officer – Ellie Meagher & Hannah Higgs

Women’s Officer – Mia Shantana Chaudhuri-Julyan & Lucy Elizabeth Robinson

Mature Students’ Officer –  Leah Armstrong & Kevin Claxton

Faculty Rep (Arts) – Marina Lewis

Faculty Rep (Sciences) – Thomas Shutt

Faculty Rep (Social Sciences) – Matt Hodges

Policy Coordinator – James Humpish