Massive manhunt after college crook swindles £500 of Derwent merch

Derwent bosses are on the hunt for a thief who nicked over £500 worth of college merchandise at the end of last term.

Keith Kinsella, the college’s assistant head, threatened “formal disciplinary measures” for the merch marauder.

But bosses say the bungling burglar might have been caught on university security cameras looting the t-shirts, jumpers, shorts and tracksuits.

“If you or an acquaintance have taken these items I am offering you the opportunity to return them,” Kinsella tells students in a mass email.

He gives the swindler until as late as next Friday to hand over the missing merch: “After this date we will seek to resolve the issue through more formal disciplinary measures.”

Kinsella asks anyone who knows anything about the thread thug to come forward with information.

“If a Derwenter has stolen these items then you have let your community down,” Kinsella goes on. “Please reflect on whether it was truly worth it.”

Derwent JCRC chair Alex Urquhart confirmed there was an investigation. "Since discovering the merch was missing we have looked into a number of possibilities that could explain its disappearance," he told York Vision.

"We have checked various rooms around the college and the weekly key log to check who's had access to the JCRC kitchen.

"Taking into account the volume and value of the missing goods, we must investigate the likelihood that it may have been stolen."

However, two months after the robbery it remains to be seen whether the raided regalia will ever be found.

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