Library bosses announce new video series and they want YOU to present them

Students are being invited to appear on camera and present informational videos for the library this August.

Presenters will be paid £50 for a day’s work and £25 for half a day.

Doing this every day during term time for three years would net the serial presenter £22,500. That’s £4,500 less than the student would blow on the average TFTV undergraduate degree.

Wannabe library TV stars will first and foremost need to be confident in front of a camera, as well as be experienced at presenting information and clearly spoken.

The job description doesn’t mention anything about having to have a passion for the library though.

Set to film in August, the videos will be about the Library, IT Services and Borthwick Institute for Archives.

To land the role of a lifetime, email [email protected] with a link to with a link to a YouTube video of you which summarises your relevant experience by Friday August 7.