Legal highs now available on the high street


A shop in central York is selling potentially dangerous “legal highs” over the counter, it has emerged.

The store, which opened last year and who we are not naming to avoid extra publicity, sells products such as “Blow,” “Blue Magic” and “Train Wreck” under the pretence that they are “research chemicals” or “herbal incense” and are not for human consumption.

The products, which are available for as little as £6, are legal to sell as long as they are not marketed as drugs. They are designed to mimic the effects of illegal drugs whilst being chemically different enough not to be outlawed.

Often legal highs are made illegal, with new substances being produced to replace them. Little research goes into the potential side effects of these drugs and they have been responsible for dozens of deaths in recent years.

When asked by York Vision about their policy for selling to students, the shop’s head office said: “We sell to anyone that comes into the shop any of our products that we sell if they are over the age of 18.

“We also do not sell to anyone who we think may be intoxicated.”

YUSU have warned students against using legal highs.

Welfare and Community Officer, Jemima Busby, said: “It is worrying to hear that such substances are being sold in York, we do not support the sale or consumption of these substances.

“We strongly advise students to avoid the use of legal highs.

“If a student has been affected please get in touch with the Health Centre  for health concerns or The Student Support Hub for further advice.”