Laptop lending and faster internet introduced

From September students will be able to borrow laptops from the library for their personal use.

Students will be able to sign out a laptop using their student card for a period of 4 hours in a system similar to taking out a key text.

50 laptops will be available in the JB Morell and another 10 will be located in the library in King’s Manor.

Each laptop will have all of the University’s standard software packages installed.

14 iMacs are also being installed upstairs in the Harry Fairhurst building.

The scheme is a result of YUSU Academic Officer Thomas Ron’s negotiations with the University.

Furthermore, the campus internet provision is receiving a significant upgrade.

The University is currently connected to the internet via a 4 Gb/second link, which is being increased to 10 Gb/second over the summer.

The upgrade will help prevent connection speeds slowing down at peak usage times.

The number of devices concurrently connected to the university network has almost tripled in the last two years, increasing from 5000 to 13000, and this upgrade will leave the network better able to cope with the increased strain.

Ron told Vision: “This lending laptop scheme is very welcome and I know the library has been thinking about it for a long time.

“I am glad they agree with the need to have more IT provision on campus.

“Additionally the upgrades to eduroam are very welcome as it has had trouble coping with the increased usage as campus and the student body have grown.

“Hopefully this expansion will ensure everyone has fast internet service.”

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