Is a CAT CAFE coming to York?

cat_1Is this even cuter than the puppy lounge? A crowdfunding campaign has been launched to get a cat cafe to come to York. Nikki Poppins used the website crowdfunder to ask for cash to make this cute fantasy a reality.

The aim of the cafe is to be therapeutic to both the cats, which will be rescue cats in need of human contact, and the people who go to visit.

The cat cafe will work with local rescue charities to find foster homes for cats which for some reason haven’t been adopted from the centres.

If you loved kitties, you could volunteer there too; your job would be to introduce the cats to visitors and raise awareness about cat adoption.

Visitors will have to pay a cover charge when they enter the cafe, which will go towards the welfare of the cats, and the cafe will also serve food.

Stroking pussies can help with stress relief, reduce loneliness and help with depression.

Local reprobate and 3rd year Archaeology student Alex Theodossladis likes the idea. He commented: “The prospect of stroking pussy in cafes instead of chatting up girls is an exciting one, I’m looking forward to seeing how this idea develops'”

If the campaign is successful, the cafe will likely be just off the Shambles. This is because the Shambles is the most visited street in Europe; so they will get a lot of customers.

Nearby are cat-friendly premises the Cat Gallery and York Lucky Cats, so the cafe will have feline friendly neighbours.

If you back the campaign, you can get all manner of rewards, such as having your name written on the wall of the cafe, and vouchers to visit the cats.

The campaign currently has just 4 backers, and has raised £105 of the £25,000 target.

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