Review into missing University chef worker

Clauida LawrenceDetectives are launching a fresh review into the disappearance of University of York chef worker Claudia Lawrence who went missing in March 2009.

The new forensic search at the 35-year-old’s York home on Heworth Road will be carried out following the formation of a new major crime unit at the North Yorkshire police force.

Miss Lawrence was reported missing over four and a half years ago after failing to turn up to work.

Police have said that they believe the 35-year-old was murdered, but her body has never been located despite an investigation involving 100 officers.

Detective Superintendent Dai Malyn told the Belfast Telegraph: “There’s no new smoking gun or startling piece of evidence. This is just part of the review process.”

“Most cold case review work considers forensic re-evaluation as techniques advance and this case is no different.”

“I am also mindful that, at some point in the future, the house may become re-occupied and these opportunities would otherwise be lost.”