I’m not yolking around: Boris egg protester hits out at government


Boris Johnson apparently convinced a York student not to throw an egg at him during a Brexit rally last week.

But the economics student, Sam Grigg, has said he didn’t chuck the egg at the Vote Leave figure because he had an EXAM the next day and didn’t want to risk arrest.

Grigg took three eggs to the rally on York’s high street. Boris lambasted him: “There are people hungry in this country, my friend. Don’t waste those eggs.”

Grigg told reporters at the scene he didn’t intend to throw anything at the former mayor of London. “The egg was just to mess with them,” he said.

In a statement frying the Tories, he explained to York Vision: “It was a protest against the Conservative party, a party who claim to be for hard workers.

“They are scrapping maintenance grants and raising tuition fees. It breaks my heart to think that I could be the last person to get in before the drawbridge is raised.”

He added: “This is a party which is destroying any semblance of social mobility.”

As to why he cracked and didn’t chuck the egg: “I have an exam tomorrow. I can’t spend a night in the cells!”


His protest went over easy with most of the public. One poll showed 57% of people thought he should have launched the egg.

In April Boris appealed to York Vision readers to vote to leave the EU in an interview.

A survey last week revealed 63% of students don’t know when the EU referendum is, and 54% can’t even name the month. It will take place on June 23.