Humans of York

Reni for web

Where would you like to be in 10 years?

“In 10 years’ time, I want to be still writing, whether as a job or as a hobby or even both, I wouldn’t mind at all. To rediscover something so intense, to be given a space for my work to be performed in front of or read by so many – this is what has made my 2013. To be still doing this in 10 years, I’m applying for graduate jobs and internships now, I’ll continue to write and I’ll continue to read.”

Why do you love writing?

“Writing is very cathartic for me. There is almost a forceful need to write something down on paper that I can feel inside, to make it a physical entity. Like most writers, I fell in love with books at a very early age, and those stories inspire me to write my own. It just took me some time to figure that out.”


Samuel for web


What’s interesting about you?

“Well, I have to say I don’t like questions of that sort, because the answers they tend to elicit are so often trivial anticlimaxes. If however you were to ask me about my political inclinations, I would eagerly reveal my position as the Monster Raving Loony Party’s Shadow Minister for Justice.”

What’s your most treasured posession?

“From a shortlist that contains knowledge, my humanity, and the power of speech, I would nominate to the fore my capacity for languor.

Most embarrassing moment?

“Arriving at university not equipped with a tea set; the one time I wore a polyester cravat; in fact, any occasion on which I have failed the art of dressing.”




Tell me a funny story.

“Well ok. So this one time, for University Radio York (cheeky plug!) I interviewed Sean Walsh after his YUSU comedy night.
I rocked up to find him drinking at a bar. He said during his cigarette break he would have an interview with me.
I hadn’t prepared any questions, so asked him the following: “Sean Walsh, famous comedian, what is your favourite way to eat potatoes?” As it turns out, he likes jacket potatoes, eaten with a plastic knife and fork at a service station. Also I asked, “If you could, which celebrity would you eat and why?” He answered Danny Devito and then proceeded to do an impression of him. Rather worryingly, he said that he’d keep him alive while he ingested and digested him. With some form of drug.”




What did you used to want to be?

“I used to want to be a teacher. I’d break arials off radios to use as pointers..

What are you proudest of from the last year?

“I was awarded Most Improved Player in lacrosse last year, despite having the coordination skills of a coconut…”

Where do you hope to be in ten years time?

“Hopefully a couple of years into my first proper job, after having spent most of my twenties travelling around the world, evading the inevitable sacrifice of my life to my career.”

What’s your most treasured atribute?

“My ginger hair. Ha!”