How to decorate your room in halls

Fitzroy-Standard-Bedroom-550x309mm-08dd1e6b-c8e3-4450-a4a3-1d8ed8952999-1-1559x8761 – Always choose a dreamcatcher over a windchime. No-one wants to be THAT flatmate with a windchime

2 – Your choice of duvet cover makes as much of an impression as the contents of your wardrobe, and dominates your (probably) box room. Choose wisely.

3 – If you have more than one coat, try some handy hooks made to hang over any door available from Barnitts, on Colliergate in York.

4 – Mood lighting is a must. Fairy-lights for downtime, and desk lamps so bright that they mimic the effects of caffeine for those last minute deadlines.

5 – Hangover comforts are essential. I recommend hot water bottles and slippers.

6 – A large wall planner or calendar is great for providing the illusion of an organised schedule.

7 – Check out the markets in York and fairs on campus which sell plants and posters. You can never go wrong with a bonsai tree.

8 – For bargains, go to Boys on Goodramgate, York’s answer to the pound shop movement.

9 – Photographs are a must. Bring some from home and get some printed on Photobox or Snapfish after fresher’s week to remind you of the crazy wild times you’ll have had.

10 – Mount photographs on wrapping paper to create a personalised display which will leave you with minimal blu-tack marks to explain.

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