How Secure is Our Campus?



Sexual Incidents at the University have risen slightly since 2012.

From 2007-13 there has been a total of 12 incidents of indecency and sexual assault at the University, with four of them occurring in 2013 compared to none in 2012.

Last year saw the highest number of sexual assaults since 2007 – besides 2008 and 2009.

However, the total number of violent assaults on campus have decreased slightly since 2008, from nine recorded in 2008 to eight in 2013.

Six violent incidents have taken place off-campus since 2008, which includes the Sports Village, with a staggering 41 taking place on campus.

The lowest number of assaults in a year was in 2009, where only two took place.

University Secretary and Registrar describes York as a “very safe place to study” and told York Vision: “we deplore any form of sexual harassment or assault, and encourage students always to report such incidents to the proper authorities”.



Crime at the University continues to fall, according to new data.

The total number of recorded criminal incidents stood at 90 last year – an 8 per cent fall on the 98 reported in 2012.

Among the highest drops was cycle theft, with 11 fewer bikes being pinched in 2013 compared with 2012.

The University’s Security Service has managed to play a key role in the fall of city-wide cycle theft, with 70 per cent fewer bikes being stolen since 2010.