Hi-jack-ed: YUSU LGBTQ officer account posts “#KillAllWhiteMen”

Allegations have been made against YUSU LGBTQ Officer, Jack Chadwick, that he hijacked the official Officer Twitter account and posted several inflammatory Tweets, one including the infamous #KillAllWhiteMen hashtag.

Huw James, Gay Convenor of the LGBTQ Network, blasted the elected officer saying, “Jack Chadwick claims that it was due to someone hacking into his twitter and that he’s not liable.

“Personally I find it hard to believe that someone with the exact same views as Jack Chadwick hacked into his accounts and posted from them, or had the time of day to care for committing identity fraud for this purpose.” 

Between 4pm and 6pm on Sunday night, the YUSU LGBTQ Officer’s official account published tweets including, “Liberalism saturates LGBTQ activism, makes our politics all about faux safety & sound language. Kill the liberal in yr life 2day.” 


These were then retweeted by Jack Chadwick’s personal account at the time and he also tweeted similar political messages from his own account.

Chadwick defended himself saying: “Several accounts were hacked over the weekend, which led to a couple of colourful tweets.

“The response to these tweets has played into the intentions of whoever tweeted them. 

“We need to all learn to stop taking Twitter so seriously and redirect our outrage at the real threats to LGBTQ people, like the mental health crisis and cuts to services like homeless shelters that lots of us need to get by.”

One of the tweets (pictured) attracted a critical reply from former Labour Society Chair Callum Shannon only to be greeted with “#killallwhitemen lol” as a response.

A further tweet shared a link to a Telegraph article about Bahar Mustafa, the Student Diversity Officer at Goldsmiths who tweeted #KillAllWhiteMen and retained her position, despite national controversy.

A member of the LGBTQ Network,  Emily Pownall also responded critically,  saying, “Not calling for neutrality either. You can be progressive whilst hearing legitimate political perspectives from other sides.”

The response was “sounds like tone policing 2me. Kill the tone police #acab”.

Chadwick’s fellow LGBTQ Officer, Evie Paffard, later took control of the account and released an apology before deactivating it.

She also resigned from her position, adding on Facebook: “I refuse to be implicated in the online Twitter drama…

 “I do not endorse anything that is currently being tweeted and refuse to be implicated in it.”

A member of LGBTQ Network who wished to remain anonymous told York Vision that Jack Chadwick had published “questionable tweets” in the past that matched up to the same ones on his personal account at the same time, much like in this instance.

They also claimed that the perceived political affiliations of the culprit were “Jack all over”. 

Although the tweets were not endorsed by the network, Callum Shannon felt they were indicative of a wider problem.

He told York Vision: “Tweets like these are the very reason that I don’t feel comfortable attending network.

“One of the officers makes it a very unwelcoming place for anybody who doesn’t share their far left political views and seems far more preoccupied with furthering their own petty political agenda than being a voice for the LGBTQ students they’re supposed to be representing.”

“They don’t represent me!” he added.

6 thoughts on “Hi-jack-ed: YUSU LGBTQ officer account posts “#KillAllWhiteMen”

  1. Strange that four tweets expressing identical opinions without the threat to violence, but which run on directly from the deleted tweets (the first begins with "Because when liberation groups are forced into comfortable bland inactivity, that's not neutrality, it's defeat"), are still on the officer account. So presumably if Chadwick's claim is correct and he was indeed "hacked", he either then proceeded to write his own comments supporting the hacker's points, or he thought they were substantial enough to leave up despite being intended to discredit him. What a fantastically, ridiculously weak defence for outrageous conduct. If you have access to the YUSU LGBT group, Chadwick has claimed "It appears the tweets have been hacked by a computer virus" – how magical! A computer virus written JUST to steal control of the YUSU LGBTQ account and post views that reflect Jack Chadwick's! Perhaps he should have consulted a copy of Computing 101 before brainstorming up an excuse. Maybe he should have instead accepted at least a modicum of responsibility for once in his life and put it down to lingering drunkenness from "getting fooked on Canal Street", which was his excuse for not turning up to the YUSU elections debate. Don't feel too victimised, liberal white folks – it's pretty clearly the only person he actually cares about is himself.

  2. Totally agree with Alumni – this looks exactly like something he could easily have done after having a few too many and if he’d just admitted he’d been drunk and apologised people would undoubtedly have more respect for him.

  3. It is very easy to prove whether or not the account was hacked – you can see the date, time, IP and location of all recent Twitter logins in account settings. That will provide undeniable proof of the source of these Tweets.

  4. Hope they have Chadwick’s head for this. He’s been bullying LGBTQ students he’s supposed to be liberating for far too long now

  5. “The account was hacked”, really? At least have some creativity, that old chestnut has long gone the way of “oh, the browsing history? I was buying you a present!”.
    For future reference, I suggest “I was possessed by the mighty Cthulhu who guided my unworthy hand” and “I wasn’t sure whether I was still in the dream and going bonkers on Twitter is my version of a spinning top” as more plausible alternatives.

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