Gizz’yer YorkyPud: York Roast’s New Craze Food

It’s Saturday, yesterday was STYC Social. Today I didn’t really want to leave my duvet but duty calls in the form of STYC Training. During my browsing of various online newspapers, trying to figure out how much I care about the problems regarding Uber and Transport for London within the M25 Metropolis, I noticed that York Roast is currently subject to media hype.

Unlike  and the journalists at BBC Radio York, who launched this social media frenzy, I didn’t need to leave my bed to write this article. Rather than being the Rory Gilmore, queuing for hours interviewing various people about the YorkyPud wraps, I decided to take the Lorelei Gilmore approach. In the Spring episode of A  Year In The Life, her daughter joins lots of massive queues for craze products such as Cronuts, each time Loralei finds a way to get the product much quicker without joining the queue.

I ordered a Deliveroo to my bed. Modern connivance culture has been perfectly designed  to allow me to be the laziest food reviewer ever. Bring on the Yorkshire Roasts delivered to my door by a professional athlete and an app.

Lets talk more about York Roast and what a brilliant idea it is. They do crackling which tastes so good you don’t even care that you’re eating pig fat and salt. York Roast is simply classic local food done well, and served on the street. The only flaw in their brand i’ve found until now is that it is difficult to eat whilst on the move. The new YorkyPud wrap makes this problem fade away – no more looking for somewhere to sit and eat outside – you can simply unwrap the packaging and engorge yourself.

The brand appeals to the hundreds of tourists coming to York who want to taste a bit of genuine Yorkshire Pudding covered in gravy, served with a cup of Yorkshire Tea; but also to the student longing for the idealised Sunday dinner at home. It’s simple good food.

It’s somewhat surreal to see fad culture come for the YorkyPud Wrap – the brand which until now has stuck to its traditional Yorkshire roots is wonderful just because it isn’t exciting. It isn’t new. It’s a bit of home. The simple and  yet apparently new and revolutionary idea of turning the Yorkshire Pudding into a parcel to eat the food – mimicking popular dishes such as burritos, quesadillas, and countless other streetfoods – has been a huge success for the family business trading in York, Chester, Shrewsbury and Salisbury.

My knight in shining armour, in the form of a Deliveroo Rider, knocked on my door. I run in excitement open the door and ask “is it okay if I take a photo of the food being delivered for York Vision?”, he replies with a soft but firm “no.” – I sheepishly take the food say my thanks and shut the door.

My flatmate tells me the queues for the YorkyPud Wraps are still huge. Well now effortlessly to of them are in my house. Take that – queues!

It smelt amazing, the sudden woof nostalgia reminding me of the family kitchen as I came home to a roast dinner.  article for The Guardian said that the YorkyPud Roast “leaves you feeling satisfied, if slightly guilty”. The main guilt I felt was the guilt that I spent money on a Deliveroo heading deeper and deeper into my overdraft.

I’m going to be honest with you it was very much a roast dinner. It tastes like a good roast dinner. Not much to look at, not exactly food porn, but very tasty.

The only problem with the YorkyPud is that the medium changes what a roast pudding is. A roast pudding should be eaten slowly over time. The YorkyPud encourages you to eat the meal quickly, even whilst walking, which can give rise to some very bad indigestion and dysphagia if you are not careful.

That said the last time I had a roast dinner I ended up in hospital having to have surgery so perhaps I am overly careful.

My flatmate took her first bite, we exchanged glances

Me: “It’s a bit bland isn’t it?”
Her: “Yeah it needs some sauce really”
Other Flatmate: “It would be lovely with some more gravy!”
Me: “Ah that’s alright I’ve got some Apple Sauce”
Her: “I’m just going to put some ketchup in it”

This is why people from the midlands don’t deserve nice things.

All in all it was a very enjoyable meal. But nevertheless a meal that could do without the hype and you can certainly wait for the queues to die down for. Tuck in to a York Roast Wrap when you’re feeling nostalgic about home, and definitely buy the crackling if that’s your sort of thing.