Gaming Locations – The Best Places to Visit

Gamers, when you find your mind wandering on those rainy days (which are most days) looking for a more wonderful place to live, the options are endless. Fear not, for we’ve narrowed that list down to a simple tourist’s guide of the best places to visit in gaming.

Assassin’s Creed – Constantinople

ac constantinople

Whilst Assassin’s Creed has been described as something of an ‘interactive history lesson’, we consider that to be quite the ideal characteristic when it comes to our lust to wander. Enter Revelations, the entry that ripped our Italian stallion from his homeland and shipped him to the crossroads of the world. When we weren’t stabbing Byzantine Templars and being tantalised by Ezio’s charm, we were sprinting through sun kissed streets, vaulting across bazaar stalls and climbing up the side of the Hagia Sophia. Forget Venice, gamers, parkour just got that more cultural.

Grand Theft Auto – Los Santos


Half-naked women, fast cars and guns galore. Whilst we may have just described the synopsis of your stereotypical action film, that magic formula can be applied to a certain infamous gaming series – Grand Theft Auto. Sure, that’s a major component to it, but its Rockstar’s ability to make a thrilling open world that draws us kleptomaniacs in every single time. Los Santos is our personal favourite, what with its urban city contrasted against a picturesque landscape. As poetic as that sounds, we’ll take the time to mention that ‘Cock Rock’ exists as a landmark in the game, just in case you forgot that this was GTA.

Animal Crossing – Animal Village

Animal Crossing

Picture living in a secluded, leafy village populated by anthropomorphic animals, ranging from bright blue bullfrogs to rainbow coloured anteaters. Here, in this leafy utopia, your only trouble in the world is deciding whether to go fishing or bug catching today. Animal Village from Animal Crossing is perfect for those who want to lead a relaxed, lazy life without a care in the world. Despite the fact you’re technically in debt to a Raccoon who runs the local shop and also happens to be your estate agent, nothing bad happens if you don’t pay your debts!

And there we are – a tourist’s guide for the best places to visit in gaming. If you want to feel smug as to how great the place is that you live in, here are The Worst Places to Visit in gaming.