A unit at the University has received a grant, thanks to a Movember fundraising drive.movember

The Yorkshire Cancer Research (YCR) Unit has received £190,000 to explore whether changing the behaviour of a certain gene in the prostate could help identify therapeutic targets which can halt a prostate
cancer from spreading.

The YCR, which also receives funding from R U Taking The P, has been given the grant by Prostate Cancer UK, which aims to advance understanding into the treatment of
prostate cancer.

Professor Norman Maitland, from the department of biology, told ITV News: “With this generous grant from Prostate Cancer UK we want to find out exactly how a gene called latexin works in prostate tissues.

“My recent research has already shown that this gene has a strong effect on the fate of the cells which cause the tumour to develop. If we can find a way to increase its activity, in turn reducing the growth of tumours, this may lead to a new focus for the development of treatments for advanced prostate cancer.”

The causes of the cancer are largely unknown but most cases develop in men aged over 50.

Jack Gevertz
Jack Gevertz is the former editor-in-chief of York Vision.