Emperor Santini: Constantine college chair elected

Natthani Santini has been announced as the first ever Constantine college chair.

The inaugural Santini will lead the new Welcome Committee until December when a JCRC will be elected to represent the students of Constantine College.

Santini will be joined by Jack Ogilvie as her Vice Chair for Community.

Voters also elected Goodricke student, Harry Lewis, Jacob Turner as Secretary and Sophie Newman as Ents Officer. There were no candidates for the position of Sports Officer.

But it also emerged that turnout was only 18 per cent of the Constantine membership.

Santini will be solely responsible for coordinating Constantine’s inaugural Freshers before the elections for a full committee in December.

Constantine was revealed as the name of College nine in August 2013 but the College logo has come under fire for an inaccurate depiction of the Roman Emperor.

The College Buildings have also been designed with ecology in mind: with designs aiming to maximise renewable energy sources and minimise energy wastage. It is sited between the Sports Centre and Langwith College and constructed around a central college nucleus.

The college colour scheme also came under fire from Vanbrugh JCRC Chair Michael Duncan who said the use of purple was ‘ridiculous’.

The College will open to students in September 2014.