Editorial Recommendations

Zena Jarjis and Katies Thomas look at the best shows on TV right now…



The Bridge

Catch the first season of the Scandinavian crime drama on Netflix. If you’re able to keep up with the subtitles you’ll constantly be on the edge of your seat. Investigator Saga Noren and detective Martin Rhode make an endearing and likeable pair and each episode is packed with unexpected twists. You wil be frequently suprised and never able to predict what will happen next…




The Restaurant Man

A must see for everyone, the new season involves restaurant connoisseur Russell Norman sharing his expertise with first time restauranteurs. It’s really quite interesting to follow the individuals’ journey into the extremely competative restaurant field with Russell as their guide – with 50/50 odds of failure, how will they succeed?





The first season of American comedy-drama Looking is currently airing on Sky Atlantic. The show follows a group of gay men living in San Francisco and has received critical acclaim for its sensitive portrayal and defiance of stereotypes. Looking is funny, moving, and perfect for anyone still mourning Entourage and Sex and the City.


House of Cards

Season two of Netflix’s addictive political drama is now available to watch online. The first season saw Kevin Spacey’s character, Francis, scheme with his wife to get revenge after he isn’t appointed Secretary of State. The second season is expected to be just as tense and gripping as the first as should not be missed.