Derwent binge-drinking event faces ban

Full post by page reveals entry costs of £12 per person
Full post by page reveals £12 entry costs per person

University bosses could force the closure of a “binge-drinking” project being run by a group of students in Derwent College.

York Vision has uncovered a Facebook page, with currently 42 likes, that has been promoting the so-called “Beer Shisha” event.

It claims to offer, for a “mere £12”, unlimited amounts of beer.

It is understood that the event is being held in the ground-floor kitchen of Derwent’s P Block quarters.

A university spokesperson said: “Events involving the sale of alcohol would need to be licensed, so if anyone is thinking of hosting an event of this nature on campus, they would need to speak with YUSU or the University’s commercial services staff.

“However, we strongly discourage binge drinking, which can be a serious risk to health and wellbeing.

“For that reason, we would be highly unlikely to authorise events of the kind described here.”

When approached for a comment, one of the creators told York Vision: “The page was just a joke we put together after one particularly heavy night using the system.

“However people are more than welcome to join us for predrinks as long as they bring their own beer!”

The project’s name, Beer Shisha, stems from the fact that event attendees drink alcohol from a beer keg, placed on the floor above, via multiple hoses.

The page states that: “a multi storey siphon system delivers beer to the mouth of the user at over 10psi, all controlled by a highly advanced valve and hose system.”

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  1. Being organised by students from Derwent does NOT mean this automatically becomes a “Derwent event”. Once again York Vision outdoes itself for shoddy journalism and sensationalism…

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