Derwent 5ths emerge as the College Cup’s surprise package

I like to channel the inner brilliance of the modern greats of the game, tactically adapting for each opponent which I express through my wardrobe.”-


-Having not conceded so far in the competition, Peter Bunce’s Derwents 5ths may have a bit of the Tony Pulis’ about them.-

Undoubtedly, the surprise package of this year’s College Cup has been Derwent College’s 5th string side. Registering 5 points from 3 games, with 0-0 draws against Halifax 4ths and Alcuin 1sts, as well as a shock victory against Vanbrugh 2nds, where they stole the win thanks to a speculative George MacGill free-kick from just inside the opposition half that somehow evaded the Vanbrugh ‘keeper. Having scored one goal and conceded none, attention must surely turn to their manager, the eponymous Peter Bunce.

I caught up with Peter at his favourite watering hole, Dbar (where he spends approximately 60% of all waking hours), to find out the secret to his team’s success.


What do you make of your teams performance so far in the College Cup? Many people will look at the Group C table and be surprised to see Derwent 5ths ahead of teams such as Alcuin 1sts and Langwith 1sts.

We have focused on working well as a team against arguably more talented players. We have been solid and not let many goals in. I’ve set my team up in the way I want and could not have asked for more from them, they’ve followed my orders to the letter. Ask Jeremy Nestor for picture evidence of that.

Who have been your standout performers?

Max Palfreman and James Fraser without a doubt. James ‘Papadillo’ Fraser’s long balls and speculative efforts were crucial in the qualification process for the college cup and will remain crucial as we push on in this competition.

What was the inspiration behind the idea of the adoption of different managerial characters’ outfits?

I like to channel the inner brilliance of the modern greats of the game, tactically adapting for each opponent which I express through my wardrobe. In order to master the modern game you must follow the modern masters of the game.


-Peter Bunce and Tim Sherwood have both had managerial success in 2015.-

Can you tell us about any future managers that you are planning to ‘channel’ in order to continue the success that you’ve had so far?

If we progress from the group stages I will up the stakes with a change of facial hair to transform my appearance into that of Rafa Benitez. As for our remaining games, Roy Keane and Diego Maradona are ideas that have been floating around. After the coaching prowess that I have displayed so far, I will also be taking on an interim managerial role for the Derwent 3s in character as Joachim Löw accompanied by backroom staff.



-After a great start to the Derwent 5ths College Cup campaign, Derwent 3rds required the tactical nous of Joachim Löw and Hans-Dieter Flick-

Realistically, what do you expect from your last two group games, and do you think it will be enough to guarantee you a top two place that is needed to progress?

Four points, and yes.

Does this bode well for next season when you become the first 5th team to get promoted into the Revolution Division 2?

It will be very difficult as we’ll be losing a lot of players but I am confident that we will thrive in our new league.

Centre back, Max Palfreman, added this about his first experience in the College Cup so far: “The gaffer has got the tactics spot on, the 4-6-0 employed against Alcuin 1sts gave us a famous 0-0 draw that will go down as a timeless classic. As an aside, if anyone has seen Vanbrugh 2nds striker ‘Adambayor’, please let him know that Revolution Division 2 is good fun to play in if he wants a rematch anytime, he was last seen in my back pocket during our 1-0 defeat of them.”


Derwent 5ths will look to continue their run of form in the College Cup tomorrow against James 2nds at 3pm on the JLD in what could prove to be a decisive fixture for either team.

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