Crime stats shock: One violent or sexual offence reported EVERY DAY in mile around campus

York's status as the safest university in the country is in doubt after staggering new crime statistics paint a shocking picture of the mile around campus.

A York Vision investigation today discloses how there were 34 reports of “violent or sexual offences” within only a mile around campus in July this year – more than one every day.

Reacting to our revelations, YUSU president Millie Beach last night admitted “sexual assault and harassment does still occur at staggering rates” in York.

She urged York students to download the SafeZone app and said: “Don’t walk home alone.”


Kilburn Road, a popular route into campus, clocked up seven reported crimes in July, including one violent or sexual offence and an incident of “criminal damage or arson.”

Popular student routes Paragon Street and Barbican Road both saw two reports of violent or sexual crimes in the space of one month.

The incredible statistics show  that in July someone was more likely to report being the victim of a violent or sexual offence within a mile of our campus than at Lancaster, Nottingham, Durham, Warwick, Bath, Loughborough, Sussex, or Kent.

There were 27 such reports within a mile of Durham in the same month, and 22 within a mile of Nottingham’s campus. Sussex recorded 14 offences in the category, and Bath only six.

Lancaster, York’s rival in the Roses sports tournament, saw just ONE violent or sexual offence reported within a mile of campus in the same month.

There were only nine reports of crime at all in the mile around Lancaster’s campus during July, compared with 214 around our site.

Staggeringly, “violent and sexual offences” is the second largest category of reported crimes in the mile around campus, after anti-social behaviour, of which there were 96 reported incidents.

The mile around York also saw reports of 13 burglaries, 21 incidents of “criminal damage or arson,” 12 bikes nicked, and 16 other thefts in one month alone.


The figures for July are the latest provided by police forces across the country at the time of going to print.

There is no suggestion any of these violent or sexual crimes occurred on campus, or involved students. The statistics represent reports of crimes and do not necessarily reflect charges or convictions. It is not clear how many incidents occurred inside properties, and how many outside on the street.

In its top ten list of the UK’s safest universities, the Complete University Guide ranks York as number one – it says students are more likely to be the victim of crime at every other university.

But our investigation has revealed how, in July, a mile around York was actually the third worst for reports of violent and sexual offences in the same list; only Oxford Brookes and Winchester recorded more.

The mile around the campus of the Royal Agricultural Uni saw reports of just three violent or sexual crimes in July, while Harper Adams had only one. However, they place at fourth and fifth in the safest uni list respectively.

University registrar David Duncan told York Vision that during July there were only six incidents involving the police on campus, including “one suspicious male on or near the campus,” as well as a report of a possible missing person, two involving escaped or trapped animals, a possible missing person and one case of teenagers misbehaving.

“The security staff have a very good relationship with North Yorkshire Police and would not hesitate to call them in if they felt it was justified by a reported crime,” he said.

“I think this confirms York’s reputation as a very safe place to work and study.”

Beach said: “‘We’re lucky that, for the most part, York is an incredibly safe city.

“Despite this, crime will occur and we urge students to look after each other in order to ensure everyone’s safety.

“Go out with friends, don’t walk home alone, download the SafeZone app for round-the clock reassurance on campus, and if you see anything suspicious, don’t be afraid to alert campus security or call the police.”

She added: “The consent talks are a step in the right direction for challenging attitudes, ensuring students are aware of what support services are in place if needed, and ensuring measures are in place to tackle what remains a major problem.”

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  1. Because one month of statistics for one crime category obviously disputes the full year of stats on all crime categories used in the ‘safest uni’ claims. Pulitzer worthy journalism.

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