College JCRC Elections 2012


Two candidates, second year Joshua Lee and first year Alex Bassick will compete for the position of this year’s Alcuin College Chair. Lee, the outgoing Communications Officer aims to increase social life within the College, by maintaining weekly socials and organising trips to neighbouring cities. He also pushed the importance of social media and wants the college to branch out into Tumblr and Flickr. First year Bassick saw the fact that he still lives on campus as a vital advantage, saying it can help him relate to his fellow students.

Alexander Ray and Beth Campbell are running against each other for Vice Chair for Welfare and Support, with Alexander supporting a community feel and Beth stressing her knowledge of the welfare system. Charlotte Russell is the only candidate for Vice Chair for Business and Entertainments.

List of candidates in full:

Chairperson (one position):
Alex Bassick
Joshua Lee

Vice Chairperson: Welfare and Support (one position):
Alexander Ray
Beth Campbell

Vice Chairperson: Business and Entertainments (one position):
Charlotte Russell

Treasurer (one position):
Gary Man

Secretary (one position):
Barbara Grant
Tiffany Deans-Green

Female Welfare Officer (up to three people):
Chloe Rowan and Charlotte Briggs
Emily Parker and Emily Blackman-Gibson
Natalie Lambert

Male Welfare Officer (up to three people):
Charles Watson and Kai Tham
Huw Rees

LGBTQ Welfare Officer (up to three people):
Peter Gaffney

Social Secretary (up to three people):
Caitlin Boor
Eve Siddall-Butchers
Hollie Dixson
Calum Brown, Emma Henderson and Lewis Ratto

Creative Marketing Officer (one position):
Kate Beare
Tasha McNaught

Social Media Officer (up to two people):
Laurence Morgan

Merchandise Officer (up to three people):
Ania Krajinska and Cambyse J-afari-Pak
Beth Needham, Nathan Allcock and Hannah Gibbons
James Luca Burroughs

Sports Officer (up to five people):
Andy Fernando
Grace Clarke
James Luca Burroughs
Melissa Turner
Tiffany Deans-Green

Environment and Ethics Officer (up to two people):
Bradley Cooper
Freya Squires
Louise Craft

IT Officer (one position):
Kai Tham

RAG Officer (up to three people):
Charlotte Wainwright, Helen Shanley and Honor Stott
Hannah Benson, Harriet Brown and Morwenna Egan

Volunteering Officer (up to two people):
Bethany Radford and Louise Craft
Harriet Page and Sarah Brown

International Officers:
Lizzie Kenchington and Ian Leong

Ordinary Officer (three positions available):
Fiona Parker
Huw Rees
James Reed

No candidates for Campaigns Officer or Disability Welfare Officer


Derwent’s hustings, which took place on Tuesday evening, saw the position of Chair fought between three highly credible and committed candidates; current Rag officer Adam Seldon, Current Treasurer Anmoli Sodha and Sports Officer Simon Varley. All three candidates stressed the continuity of traditional Derwent values and stressed the importance of the college keeping its character despite the integration with the old Langwith blocks.

Sodha stressed her executive experience and her proven ability to achieve excellent results and navigate the sometimes murky waters of university politics, while also stressing a realistic approach to the management of the JCRC. In her manifesto, Sodha states: “Chair, like Treasurer, is a solo position that involves working with all the other JCRC positions. It also means that I fully understand Derwent’s financial limits and capabilities, and can use these skills to further enhance Derwent upon a solid financial foundation… My positions on the YUSU RAG Committee as HitSquad the Sponsorship Coordinator has ensured that I know how the University body works as a whole and how Derwent can flourish within it.”

Seldon ran a highly effective and visible campaign on the buzzwords “Innovate and Integrate”. He especially stressed the need to effectively integrate the new blocks by improving the STYC’s system and pointed to his experience as RAG Rep to show his suitability for the office in which the college raised £800 and he set up a number of innovative events such as speed dating, he also stressed the need to reinvigorate the Club D format which many candidates throughout the night had become a bit “school disco”.  His manifesto is built upon the two legs “sustaining Derwent’s spirit” and “innovation”. He adds: “My experience as RAG rep has made me ideally suited to fulfil the gravity of the task and to lead Derwent in the next phase of its history. I’ve brought people together from across years and blocks, to come to events, to do things, that they wouldn’t usually do.”

Varley, although using an outwardly more populist campaign, was also relatively substantive running on a platform of improving the availability and visibility of offers in D Bar stating that D Bar should work more for the students. He was clear to stress that his platform was “achievable, not unachievable” and that he was keen to be a consensus leader making “small not sweeping changes”, despite this he propose some interesting reforms to the JCR including making it easier for groups outside the JCR to apply for JCR money. Why vote for Varley? His manifesto says: “I offer unfaltering dedication, motivation and time and as promised will drop my other university commitments if I do become your Chair. On top of this I have already proven organisation and leadership ability by being part of the sports team to win the cup after more than 15 years.”

List of candidates in full:

Chair (one position):  
Adam Seldon
Anmoli Sodha
Simon Varley

Vice Chair – Welfare (two people):
Lizzy Roberts & Chris Worthington
Rosie Mc Cluskey & Ed Moore

Vice Chair – Ents (two people)
Chris Judge & Joel Brockenhurst
Marte Retzius & Agatha Torrance

Secretary (up to two people):
Lucy Dickens & Becky Hartman
Haley Carr & Ellie Burch

Treasurer (one position):
Ryan Bentley
Danna Wang
Ryan Gwinnett
Stephie Hines

Sports Reps (up to four people):
Ally Walker, Izzy Ashton, Mike Whittall, Rachel Brook

Campaigns Officer (up to two people):
Thomas Ron
Emma Sanderson & Maddy Kirkman

Alumni Rep (one position):
Benjamin Ruthven

LGBT Rep (one position):
Tom Clark

Bar Rep (up to four people):
Matthew Elvin, Josh Nicholls, Katie Redgrave, Lucy Melkowski

Volunteering Rep (up to two people):
Tessa Barratt & Caitlin O’Kelly

International Reps (up to two people):
Joe Mackenzie
Eduardo Sandodomingo Nikola Grujic
Jashan Bhatia & Andrea Bustamante

Eco Reps (up to two people):
Stuart Maule
Meg Opie & Lily Horton

Sponsorship Reps (up to two people):
Alexander Nicholson and Jol Hutchings

Press and Publicity (up to two people):
Esther Cameron & Sarah Cattle

Merchandise Reps (up to two people):
Maddy Cruz & Mark Robson

RAG Reps (up to two people):
Ben Leatham & Lydia Gorick

Ents Rep (up to four people):
Charles Wain, Rory Brimmer, Andy Bostock, Mille Paterson
Elizabeth Villanueva, Lucy Winship, Maisie Kelly, Samuel Davies

No candidates for Webmaster, Ordinary Reps, Visual Ents Rep, Disabilities Officer and Ordinary Officer.


The position of Goodricke chairperson is hotly contested this year with three candidates standing for the position. Current Environment and Ethics Rep, Dean Hickey, believes his past experience on the JCRC, as a Big STYC and as a member of the LawSoc Committee will aid him in achieving his key manifesto points such as bringing a shop to Hes East, securing a cashpoint and work alongside YUSU President Kallum Taylor to improve the Hes East bus service. He plans on “selling Goodricke as a brand”, by increasing the number of corporate partners and securing sponsorship deals with large multinational organisations. Hickey added “I’ve talked to so many Goodrickers with a real passion for the college. It has lifted my spirits in what has been a hard campaign!”.

Meanwhile, Goodricke Rugby Captain and former JCRC Bar Rep, Alex McDonald promises that if elected he will put ordinary Goodrickers back at the heart of the decision-making and events process by streamlining and improving the JCRC so that it is more representative and transparent. McDonald’s experience ranges from organising a well attended weekly Goodricke Pub Quiz, bar-crawls, pub golf and actively participating in multiple JCRC initiatives, including STYCing and Goodfest. He is also keen to improve the relationship between welfare and events, stating that the two are “not mutually exclusive”. McDonald, who promises to fight the corner of Goodricke Students told Vision: “’The students of Goodricke college deserve Wi-Fi and a permanent shop. They’re the basics that everyone else at the University gets, so why haven’t we?”.

Also running for Chair is second year, JCRC Sheldon Court-Rep, Matthew Ayes, who is championing the slogan “#bat4Matt”. Ayres wants to put the fun back into Goodricke, as well as recreating a sense of belonging and greatness for Goodricke students. He plans on having one big event over on HesEast each term to match the credibility of the current annual Christmas Ball and Goodfest. Ayres commented: “We need the best services on Hes East; I will get this ‘promised’ cash point and I will get a permanent shop. I will rebrand ‘GoodTimes’ to make events fun again; we need more college-wide events that make use of our fantastic Hes East facilities. I will introduce ‘GoodLove’- an event where the JCRC gives back to its college once a term with food, films and fun. I will put more emphasis on sports teams to make them great. As Chair I will make sure me and my JCRC are accessible to all, to help inspire involvement throughout Goodricke.”

List of candidates in full:

Chairperson (one position):
Dean Hickey
Matthew Ayres
Alex McDonald

Vice Chair for Welfare (one position):
David Cribb

Vice Chair for Services (one position):
Leon Aves
Mason Gurney

Secretary (one position):
Katie Kynaston

Treasurer (one position):
Koren Randell

Male Welfare Officer (one position):
Bhavesh Jadva
Haydn Coombs
Connor Bennett

Female Welfare Officer (one position):
Anthea Demetriou
Lucy Bancroft
Lilli Goddard
Maria Terry
Paula Gallagher

Entertainments Officer (up to three people):
Josh Douglas
Lucy Shiplee

Bar Officer (up to two people):
Nicole King & Mitchell Salter
Evie Cameron

Sports Officer (up to four people):
Fabian Ashurst & Daniel Weston
Thomas Merriman

Merchandise Officer (up to two people):
Steph Carter

Social Officer (up to two people):
Tara Annison & Hayley Calvert
Hannah McCready & Rachael Cryer
Roman Khmelnytskyy & John Lamb

Environment and Ethics Officer (up to two people):
Gabriella Demetriou

RAG Officer (up to four people):
Aidan Swietochowski
Shaunna Edwards

Volunteering Officer (up to four people):
Shaunna Edwards
Nikolaos Kontraros-Tsiokos & Mark Shapiro

Technical Officer (up to four people):
Saul Rennison

Sponsorship Officer (up to two people):
Alex Kontos

Marketing Officer (up to two people):
Hannah Quigley

Newsletter Officer (up to two people):
Scott Dawson

Sheldon Court Representative (up to two people):
Lara Demirci
Amalie Nordberg Juel

Baker Court Representative (up to two people):
Joe Mortimer

No candidates for Campaigns Officer, LGBT Officer, International Officer and Disabilities Officer.


There are three candidates competing for the position of President at Halifax College this year, two of which are first years. One, Heather Morley,  a first year course rep for Maths. She states that: “In light of my selection as president I intend to segregate the southerners from the northerners. Pies will be a compulsory meal every Friday and chips will only ever be eaten with a glass of gravy”. On a more serious note, she adds: “The main things that I want to fix are the big problems with the new accommodation, like the launderette, no nearby cash point… and the fact that the different years in Halifax have no communication after the STYCs leave after freshers week… We don’t have a bar in Halifax college either, so I wanted to maybe make JJ’s into one.”

Fellow fresher Tom Wilkinson shares Morley’s views on JJ’s, the lack of a cash point and the laundrette problems. He also intends to include freshers events which take place during the day as well as the night, such as laser quest, bowling, speed dating- an event which was unsuccessful in Halifax’s 2011 Freshers week- and trips to Tesco. Tom also says he wants “a more active, visible and accessible HCSA- This year’s HCSA have set a standard for us to follow, and I am determined to continue to provide a strong network of members, working with, and for Halifax students. I want the HCSA not simply to be a just be a bunch of names but the engine driving the Halifax community.”

Favourite for the position is second year Philosophy & Sociology student and outgoing Entertainment Officer, Marian Lally. As an entertainments officer, she oversaw freshers week, the launch of ‘Xtra’ and all ‘Xtra’ events including the sell-out pub golf, JJ’s UV rave and the most recent, the JJ’s American House Party. Marian wants to re-brand and overhaul JJ’s, include a more diverse range of events, make international and postgraduate students feel more involved, improve second and third year participation with the college, put a greater emphasis on sport and introduce a Willow-sized ‘Xtra’ stamp.

She concludes: “You can’t knock first hand experience. I believe that being a second year President would give me a fantastic advantage as I know not only what I’m doing, but how I would do it and who it is I’d need to speak to to get things done – no time wasting or empty promises, just lots of action, dedication and enthusiasm.”

List of candidates in full:

President (one position):
Heather Morley
Marian Lally
Tom Wilkinson

Vice President of Services (one position):
DJ Matt Winstanley

Vice President of Welfare (one position):
Rebekah Martin

Treasurer (one position):
Lydia Saif

Secretary (one position):
Emily Mangles

Female Welfare Officer (up to two people):
Phoebe Thomas, Ruth Bury, Rebekah Lisgarten, Yunchao Liao (Tina)

Male Sports Officer (up to two people):
Tiarnan Cotter, Will Melrose, Benjamin Ainsworth-Taylor, Oliver Bull&Guy Bowden

Female Sports Officer (up to two people):
Gillian Jago & Chrysanthi Stefanou

Entertainment Officers (up to four people):
Conor McPherson, Nick Oldfield, Ella Jarvest & Loussin-Torah Pilikian

International Welfare Representative (one position):
Kelvin Elphick, Tunchao Liao (Tina)

Merchandise Officer:
Tiarnan Cotter

RAG Officer (up to two people):
Hannah Ruddle, Sarah Roughton

Website Officer (up to two people):
Alex Hinds

Volunteering Officers (up to two people):
Mary Sutherland-James, Aran Dolan

Environment Officer (up to two people):
Gemma Nuttall

Equipment Officer (one position):
Stephen Clarke

Vice President of Activities (one position):
Matthew Stallworthy

No candidates for Common Room Office, Lindley, Wood and Irwin Courts Officer, Ainsty and Hickleton Courts Officer St. Lawrence Court Officer, LGBT Officer, Press and Publicity, Younger and Ingram Courts Officer Officers, Sponsorship Officer, Male Welfare Officer, Ordinary Officers.


The integral position of James Chairperson sees only one candidate standing for election, in the shape of Dexter Clarke. Clarke commented that if he was elected the JCRC would “focus on what James does best: On and Off Campus Events, Welfare and College Sports”. He has established making welfare relevant, ensuring James is top of the sports league, and a focus on openness as his three main priorities.

He remarked: “We must make sure the welfare team positively affects every student’s experience”, and also added, “The JCRC should be at the heart of the college, taking on board all of your ideas and representing your views. Now we have Block Reps I will ensure I make regular contact with each one, and visit each of your kitchens at least once a term. This can only lead to bigger and better events, improve student support and will, fundamentally, result in a greater level of representation.”

Dan Ashcroft and Clare Third are running against one another for the position of Services Vice Chair, Lauren Woodcock and Rory Mercer are contesting the role of Student Development Vice Chair, whilst James Fairhurst is unopposed for Welfare Vice Chair. The absence of any candidates standing for the position of secretary though may be of a concern to the college.

List of candidates in full:

Chairperson (one position):
Dexter Clarke

Vice Chairperson: Services (one position):
Dan Ashcroft
Clare Third

Vice Chairperson: Student Development (one position):
Lauren Woodcock
Rory Mercer

Vice Chairperson: Welfare (one position):
Jamie Fairhurst

Treasurer (one position):
Daniel Herr
Robert Bartlett

Annual Events Coordinator (up to two people):
Harriet Gibson
Emily Evans

Ents (Up to four people):
Hannah Geddes

Press and Publicity Officer (up to two people):
Christina Sztolin and Liz Blum

Welfare Reps (up to four people, at least one male and one female):
Helena Horton
Bethannie Rudge
Kirara Sato
Daniel Herr
Imogen Rimmer
Rosie Katherine Hvid

International Officer (up to two people):
Alexis De Boeck and Ankita Gangotra

Access Officer (one position):
Zohra S Khan

Sports Reps (up to four people, at least one male and female):
Izi Hutchinson and Nish Selvakumar

Rag Officer (up to two people):
Bex Graham
Bethannie Rudge and Rebecca Graham
Emily Hudson

Eco Officer (one position):
Max Potter
Mia Kett

Extraordinary Offficer (up to two people):
Elise Kemp
Zoe Robson

N Block Rep (one position):
Charlie Kingsbury

No Candidates for Secretary, Sponsorship Officer, Bar Reps, Merchandise Officer, Web Officer, LGBT Officer, 21+ Officer, Volunteering Officer, A/B/C Quad Reps, D/E/F/G/H Quad Reps, L/M Quad Reps, J/K Quad Reps, Off Campus Rep


Two candidates will battle it out for Langwith Chair this year. Sam Maguire has lots of experience, having served as Volunteering Officer for a year, raising £300 for Langwith RAG,  and assumed the role of Head STYC. His main priorities are to secure a shop and cashpoint on Hes East, improve on the bus service in the evenings, enable 24 hour portering, create a communal area and computer room and set up a varsity event against Durham College. He adds: ” I am the candidate who will go the furthest to ensure the needs of every single student in Langwith are met. Working with YUSU and pushing the university within the year we can vastly improve the basic services on Hes East and also further the Langwith spirit that we’re famed for.”

Meanwhile, Amy White aims to facilitate a change from the “We hate Derwent” mentality towards “striving to make New Langwith the best it can possibly be”. She is prepared to “Listen and lobby: I promise to listen to your wants and needs as a college, whether that be regarding a cash machine; heating improvements; new events; or 24-hour porters; I shall do my upmost to lobby YUSU and the wider university body, to achieve what you want and what the college deserves”. Finally, she wants to make the JCRC open and accessible to all. Her experience and dedication are impressive, having  stewarded college bar crawls, freshers week events and BigD, as well as taking part in the NUS Student Demo.

List of candidates in full:

Chair (one position):
Sam Maguire
Amy White

Vice Chair for Welfare (one position):
Ellie Hendy
Harry Toynton

Vice Chair for Entertainment (one position):
Ed Kent

Secretary (one position):
Lee Cook
Greg Carrick

Welfare (up to two people):
Jemima Busby and Diederik Van Wersch
Katie Hignett and Alex Wright
Tegan Pearce

Treasurer (one position):
Dan Buchan
Joel Shenton
Matthew Jones

Equipment Officer  (up to two people):
Joe Reese-Jones
Jolyon Brown

Entertainment Officers (up to four people):
Stephanie Reddell, Harry Barber, Sean Gater and Lloyd Richardson

Newsletter  (up to two people):
William Murray and Alex Killeen

Publicity Officer  (up to two people):
Natalie Cox

Bar Representatives (up to four people):
Chloe Varty, Kirstie Mackay, Fiona Kingwill and Alex Billings
Rihanna Johnson, Matthew Taylor and Andy McIntosh

Web Officer (up to two people):
Laurence Smith

International Officer (two positions available)
Luisa Hohmann

Volunteer Representative  (up to two people):
Katie Turner

Sponsorship  (up to two people):
Romit Patel

LGBT (up to two people):
Daisy Hale and Ricky Staniland

RAG Officers  (up to two people):
Kiara Brennon and Emma Bowler
Jen Garry and Charlotte Liddell

Sports Representatives  (up to four people):
Mark Starling, Marcus Campbell, Becky Coomber and Charlotte Laverick

Ordinary member
Hannah Coyle

The Vanbrugh elections have started with a whimper, as complications resulted in by-elections being held for the all-important position of Chair next week.Both Livvy Harman and Max Odone have had to withdraw their nominations for Vanbrugh Chair, leaving the position empty. To add insult to injury, the hustings were held to a paltry crowd of just 26 people, including reporters, the chair and only one of the returning officers, just over half of the number of people required to fill the committee of 51 members.


21+ Representative – (1 person)
Katie Meyrick
Dan Watts (Not in Attendance)

Bar Representatives (Up to 4)
Dan Dillane – (Not in Attendance)

Disabilities and Access  (1 person)
No Nominations

Eric Milner White Representative (1 person) 
No Nominations

Entertainment Rep (up to 6 people)
Jessica Keir, Emily Watson, Sabrina Carroll, Felicity Hill, Mary Pattinson

Environment and Campaigns Representative (Up to 2 people)
Charlie Pottle  (Not in Attendance)

Equipment Representatives (Up to 3 people)
No-one nominated

Female Welfare Representative (1 person)
Cat Skinner (Not in Attendance)
Lizzi Routlege.

Le page Representative (1 person)
Aaron Hooper
Oliver Meakin (Not in Attendance)

LGBT Representative
No-one nominated

Male Welfare (1 person)
No-one nominated

Merchandise (up to 2 people)
Paul Spencer

Music Representative (Up to 2 people)
No-one nominated

Off Campus (Up to 2 people)
No-one nominated

Ordinary Member (Up to 3 people)
No-one nominated

Press & Publicity (Up to 3 people)
Faith Whitehouse (Not in Attendance)

Rag Representative (Up to 2 people)
Eoin Roe and Jeremy Hatchuel

Donald Barron and Barbara Scott Representative (Up to 2 people)
No-one nominated

Secretary  (1 person)
No-one nominated

Sponsorship (2 people)
Shirley He and Christina Boyle

Sports Representative (4 people)
Caitlin Graham (Not in Attendance)

Student Action Representatives (Up to 2 people)
No-one nominated

Treasurer (1 person)
Will Addy

Vice Chair – Events (1 person)
Vincent Waddelove
Zisu Andrei

Vice Chair- Welfare (1 person)
Vanessa-Jane Villanueva

Webmaster (2 people)
No-one nominated

Wentworth E Block Representative (1 person)
Michael Duncan (Not in Attendance)