College Guide: Vanbrugh

vanbrugh college

Established: 1967

Principle: Dr. Barry Thomas

College Officer: Ms. Georgina Heath

College President: Michael Duncan

Main Events: Barry’s, Vertigo

When it comes to Vanbrugh College, it has something of a Holy Trinity to its name – The Colour Purple, Music and The Holy Duck Norris. Learn these three, and you’ll fit in just fine.

That’s what makes Vanbrugh, Vanbrugh, but there’s still much more to learn. To bore you with the history (or not, some of you take it as a degree, after all), it was founded in 1967 and is named after Sir John Vanbrugh, an architect, dramatist and all-around BNOC of his time. It’s one of the biggest- and one of the original- colleges at York, is situated on Hes West and is known for its social life and for producing YUSU Presidents.

In terms of its blocks, Vanbrugh’s made of:

Le Page Court – where you can go to breakfast in your pjs and not be judged.

Barbara Scott Court and Donald Barron Court – these desolate areas of Vanbrugh are surrounded by quite the opposite of its bold purple – green

Fairfax House – a place that you researched before you came, got the wrong Fairfax House and have to spend your next year living in what seems like an episode of The Inbetweeners.

Eric Milner-White Court – if you live there, our thoughts and prayers go out to you.

Now, if that mahoosive list didn’t bore you off, I’ve saved the best ’til last. You’re probably thinking, ‘So, what do I do with my time at Vanbrugh, once I’ve finished all of my pre-reading and not gone to Willow, like most first years definitely do?’. Well, there’s another Holy Trinity for you (my God I need another comparative) – VO45, V-Bar and The Warren.

If it ain’t at the Drama Barn, it’s at VO45. Located near the JCRC, this is Vanbrugh’s central hub of entertainment (without making it sound like a strip club), and despite its name, is most definitely not a hair gel product.

Vanbrugh’s feelings towards V-Bar can be summed up to how we feel about Mr Hanky the Christmas Poo from South Parkwe know it’s shit, but we love it. A great place to hang out, especially on Monday, which is Jazz Night.

Finally, The Warren. It’s just like your Grandma’s house -it’s got a great garden, it’s cosy and there’re biscuits and old DVDs galore.

There we have it, a Fresher’s Guide to Vanbrugh College. Oh, and if you ask a STYC to teach you the ‘Vanbrugh ’til I Die!‘ song, you’ll fit in just fine in Freshers’ Week.

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  1. Does Vanbrugh not have any actual events (besides circle-jerking in V-Bar), like, I dunno, vertigo?
    Do most Vanbrugh students really think V-Bar is shit, given that is was refurbished two years ago?
    Has anyone actually said “If it ain’t at the Drama Barn, it’s at VO45”, besides you, ever?

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