College Football: Goodricke 1-1 Wentworth

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Photos: Jack Western

Following the horror of Goodricke’s notorious loss against Halifax last week – the outcome being 8-2 to Halifax – Goodricke were desperately determined to prevail against the postgraduates of Wentworth.

In the end, they had to settle for a point against a resilient Wentworth side, but Goodricke certainly played a strong and impressive game.

Goodricke started on the offensive, passing well with significant attacking intentions. Wentworth were less efficient in comparison, lazily booting the ball into open spaces instead of mirroring Goodricke’s tactical passing.

Goodricke’s first attempt at securing a goal occurred within 10 minutes of the first half, the ball skimming the top of the bar. Minutes after, the Wentworth’s striker successfully scored from the penalty spot, effortlessly passing the ball into the net.

Despite their unquestionable organisation and excellent technique, Goodricke proved themselves to be continuing in the same vein as last week’s match. Controversially, Fabian Ashurst of Goodricke successfully obtained a tenuous goal sparking outrage against the referee.

At half-time, the scores remained level. The impressive work of Goodricke goalkeeper Tom Neill did not go unnoticed however; he provided an impenetrable barrier throughout the first half. Equally outstanding was Wentworth’s Ben Keane, continuously ‘on-the-ball’ and fully involved.

Following the beginning of the second half, the cut-up pitch seemed to take its toll on players, with various injuries hindering crucial game play. A scrappy period of play ensued, with each team squandering chance upon chance as they sought the ascendancy.

Wentworth’s players began to showcase their impressive athletic prowess after the interval, fully engaging themselves in a spirited performance, successfully gaining the upper hand on their opponents in Green.

Although slacking after the first half, Goodricke’s players remained tight-knit around each other ensuring successful passing and interplay, and Joe Mann was consistent in securing possession for Goodricke.

Ultimately, both teams seemed to be more involved, engaged and focused in the last half hour. All players played out a impressive conclusion to a far from outstanding match. The result remained unchanged, with the two sides securing a well- earned point apiece for their efforts.

Deeply dispirited, though notably still upbeat, Goodricke captain Jonathon Gillbanks remained hopeful for his team. He told Vision that there were “a lot of positives to take away from the game, despite a tied result.” Overall, he believed Goodricke put on a “good performance”, and were full value for the point they achieved.