College Chair Interview: Vanbrugh


Michael Duncan

1. Location?

Vanbrugh is right at the bustling heart of campus, with the lake on one side and shops and the library on the other. We’re surrounded by open spaces, such as Vanbrugh Bowl and Vanbrugh Paradise, so there’s plenty of room for revising and relaxing in the summer term.

2. Why did you choose this college?

To be honest, I had a choice between Vanbrugh and Halifax and someone had recommended Vanbrugh to me. That must be the best piece of advice I’ve ever received!

3. Distinguishing features

The 60s architecture, the hordes of geese (don’t worry, you get used to them), lots of purple (our college colour), and of course Duck Norris (our college mascot).

4. Best thing?

V-Bar! Our very own college bar, refurbished just a couple of years ago, which has regular music nights (including the famous Monday Jazz Night!) but a great atmosphere if you just want a quiet drink too.

5. And worst?

Our mix of different buildings and accommodation blocks mean we’re more spread out than other colleges. It means we have to work harder than other colleges to connect everyone and everything we do – but it also means we have great places like the Warren, our very own college house!

6. College member most likely to say?

“You’re not from Derwent, are you?”

7. College member least likely to say?

“These geese are really friendly.”

8. Why do you love being College chair?

Vanbrites are such interesting and diverse people. With such a range of different accommodation, there is no Vanbrugh stereotype and there are always people around to talk to about anything and everything. Seeing as my job is basically to talk to as many people as possible, that suits me!

9. Best college memory?

There are a few, but the inter-college rowing competition earlier this year stands out. We turned up with a great team and fantastic support, putting in a performance in the rowing (and the shouting!) that showed what Vanbrugh’s college spirit is really all about.

10. What you wish you’d known as a fresher?

That Vanbrugh is the only college with completely free sport training! Seriously, no one seemed to mention it, but we’re making up for that now. It’s a massive part of our aim to be a college that does stuff for all our students, allowing as many people as possible to get involved in sport, either seriously or for fun.

11. Why should freshers choose your college?

We’re the college that has something for everybody; there’s always something going on and you don’t have to be any particular type of person to get involved. Everyone can feel at home in Vanbrugh.