College Chair Interview: Langwith


Symone Thompson

1. Location?

Hes East, near the Sports Village, TFTV, Computer Science, Law and Management departments, Ron Cooke Hub and in between Goodricke and Constantine.

2. Why did you choose this college?

The great accommodation and proximity to my department.

3. Best thing?

Our community spirit is undoubtedly our best feature. It by far exceeds those of the other colleges.

4. And worst?

We are still the only college without a common room. Although we’re working on it!

5. College member most likely to say?

‘Stone roses, Willow?’
6. College member least likely to say?

‘I really hate my double bed and power shower. I wish I chose Derwent’

7. Why do you love being College chair/president?

Langwith is one big happy yet slightly dysfunctional family, and I love that I’m a big part of that! My first year was one of the best years of my life and I want to make sure that the freshers this year have the same experience that I did!

8. Best college memory?

Definitely getting stuck on the pedalos during the Langwith trip to Amsterdam; another boat had to throw us a rope and pull us along because we were just that bad at pedalling!

19. What you wish you’d known as a fresher?

Nothing stays a secret for long…

10. Why should freshers choose your college?

After reading my answers, can’t you already tell? But in all seriousness, here in Langwith we have something for everyone, whatever interest or capability. We offer the most in regards to college clubs, annual events, volunteering and RAG opportunities, and even drinking! And if you think we’re missing something, let us know! We’re always looking for different ways to improve our college and what we offer. Langwith is by far the best college on campus, and we work hard every year to ensure our reign!

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