College Chair Interview: Halifax


Loussin-Torah Pilikian

1. Location?

Situated next to the adorable village that is Heslington. You’ve got Browns Bakery which is so homely and cute, a post office, banks and ATMs and the classic, traditional student friendly pub that is the Charles! Excellent student meal and drinks deals – 2 meals for the price of one! You’ll definitely be meeting up there for house reunions and pub quizzes.

2. Why did you choose this college?

With every Uni I looked at I considered two things: 1) what kind of course, 2) Number of people in halls. I always wanted to be in the largest college because I wanted the opportunity to get to know loads of people with different opinions, ideas and interests.
In short: I didn’t. No one chooses Halifax. Halifax chooses you ;)
But seriously, if you don’t choose it for the puppies we had last year, or our annual spring formal – masquerade ball OR, the fact that every student you speak to about Halifax doesn’t want to leave, then you really have to consider this: when I got here I had the time of my life. You really make it your own personal experience. With the launch of our recent creativity and leadership programmes you would seriously be missing out on building employable skills as well as having incredible social events to attend. We have a massive common room JJ’s – a great open space where people have organised their own social events such as darts nights, JJ’s Parties, Dungeons and Dragons. This year the HCSA are encouraging students to get creative, coming to us or the college team with ideas for events (small or large) and our HCSA officers and college team will help them in making it happen! As a young college we’re building tradition with our annual spring formal; the much anticipated Masquerade Ball, Faxival our community summer festival (Live music and bouncy castles) and our original Fresher’s week themes. Seriously you’re not ready for this!

3. Distinguishing features?

Can’t emphasise more that we’re the biggest college – 1000 of you lot to look after! But with that, we’re a community! NO OTHER COLLEGE HAS pretty red brick HOUSES INSTEAD OF FLATS! With the best refurbished rooms on campus and the housing system I found that living in a house gave you the chance to get to know a range of people as opposed to just the people on your floor, which is unique in contrast to every other college! When I moved in we literally formed a family – created a Facebook group for it and everything – HOUSE E FAMILY of 2012 <3. Being in St Lawrence I enjoyed that I was housed with students doing a range of degrees from Sciences to Art History. Our large intake of home students, international student, post-grads mature students and even families makes it really feel a lot like a second home.

4. Best thing?

Summer at ‘Fax – flowers, BBQs, music blaring from kitchen speakers! It's like a little community. You get to know your house and then everyone across courts – people bring blankets and food. Faxival is our massive community festival with live music from our own university bands, food vans and inflatable obstacle courses! It takes place after exams and it has a beautifully chilled vibe.

5. And worst?

Aww the walk to Uni. But when you think about it, it’s pretty, it’s safe and it’s only about 10 minutes. Walking across campus in the snow was absolutely breathtaking – the whole field covered in a blanket of white! On the way to Jan 26th 2012 Coup D’etat, we came across a massive Snow-duck with Snow-ducklings surrounding it. It was awesome! We then didn’t get to Coup for ages because we got distracted having snowball fights :)
6. College member most likely to say?
“If I could choose I’d choose ‘Fax again. Best experience of my life.”

7. College member least likely to say?

“Man I wish I lived in Vanbrugh.”

8. Why do you love being College chair/president?

Being college President is fantastic. I love people and we’ve got 1000 of them to please! I love meeting new people and getting to know peoples’ thoughts and ideas. Halifax has a CSA – Halifax College Students’ Association. This is different from a JCRC as we are representing college members as opposed to just the undergraduate freshers. It’s a great responsibility – you have to work hard and really invest yourself in listening to the ideas of the college and the committee. The nervous excitement that I had when I ran was a good thing! You really get to be a part of seeing your ideas come together; bouncing ideas off of others and watching the committee develop over the term. As President your role is operational in overseeing each event. You have the chance to meet some really interesting people who are so good and passionate at events planning, college sport involvement, fundraising, volunteering, campaigning and the welfare of other students! You learn a lot about yourself and what your experience means to you…what you want out of it and how YOU are affecting other peoples’ university experience. That is honestly the loveliest part.

9. Best college memory?

This one time at Fax…
Haha, there are honestly countless memories of being here whether that was running into town dressed as smurfs, playing Frisbee with my housemates on the grass outside House E St Lawrence or just sitting in our friend’s room laughing at Lord of the Rings and Youtube videos. I’ll go for Masquerade Ball. Best night of my life and the first in our annual Spring Formal that I helped to organise being an ents officer (2012). All 20 people of our house attended, all dressed up with masks, photobooths, DJ set by our own Faxer Matt Winstanley and Tokyo’s resident DJ.

10. What you wish you’d known as a fresher?

Really throw yourself into every experience. If there is something you want to do or make happen, write it down and find the opportunity within your College or the university. There is always something and you’re three or four years here is THE time to do this! I also wish someone had told me how awesome Halifax was. As a student who came through clearing and hadn’t even seen York my fear quickly changed to excitement the minute I sat down in the kitchen to introduce myself.

11. Why should freshers choose your college?

If you want the opportunity for the MOST sociability, the chance for REAL personal growth and the opportunities to gain employable leadership skills then you must pick Halifax. Join our community, become a Faxer! We chanted “Hali-Hali-Hali-Fax!”, but this year I want to hear “Bigger is better!” and “HEAR US ROAR!”

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  1. Wow, someone has actually managed to make being in Halifax sound good.

    …That and more worringly: for the first time in four years of association with the University of York I can see a college chair I wouldn’t mind being a sabb.

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