College Chair Interview: Derwent


Ben Leatham

1. Location?

Derwent is located on Hes West Campus, right next to Heslington Hall, one of the universities most iconic buildings. With great views of the lake and quiet place, and only a five minute walk from market square, the college is ideally located.

2. Why did you choose this college?

I chose Derwent because of its reputation as the most sociable and lively college. I wanted to meet as many people as possible during my time at York. The college definitely lived up to its reputation… Freshers prepare yourselves!

3. Distinguishing features

Dbar acts as the hub of the college. Go there for your catered meals, for a few drinks, for a legendary Club D event or if you really want to push the boat out to get some work done… No other college has anything like it. It’s one of many reasons Derwent is so great.

4. Best thing?

The best thing about Derwent is our events. Club Ds are held regularly throughout the terms in DBar with themes ranging from BeachD to CabaretD. It’s a chance for the whole college to come together, dress up, have some (many) drinks and go a bit crazy. Derwent is also famous for its end of year blow out. 1100 people pile into Derwent to see some amazing acts and celebrate the end of the year. No other college does anything like it and it’s one of the things we pride ourselves on. Last year tickets sold out in an hour and a half! We also hold bar quizzes every Friday, one off events like Take Me Out, charity events, international events, environmental events etc… You’ll never be bored if you’re in Derwent!

5. And worst?

The college was built in the 60s so it’s far from beautiful, but that’s all part of its charm. You’ll learn to love the horrendous architecture and shoot down anyone that criticizes it.

6. College member most likely to say?

‘Fancy a night out?’

7. College member least likely to say?

‘I wish I chose Langwith!’

8. Why do you love being College chair/president?

Being chair has meant I’ve helped put on loads of events for people in the college. Seeing all your mates having a great time at an event you’ve organised is the best thing ever!

9. Best college memory?

CabaretD last year during Freshers Week. I was wearing a very revealing dress I had brought from a charity shop in town, and carrying around a whip I’d found on a night out in my first year. One of the best and weirdest nights of my life…

10. What you wish you’d known as a fresher?

Make the most of first year not counting! Join sports clubs and societies, go out loads and meet tons of people. Before you know it you’ll be in second year with lots more to do and far less free time.

11. Why should freshers choose your college.

The people, DBar, the ClubDs, the bar quizzes, the tradition, the reputation, the chants, the sport, Project D (last year’s end of year blow out) and so much more! What’s not to love about Derwent?!?