Clarke resigns as James Chair



James College JCRC Chair Dexter Clarke has stepped down from his role with immediate effect.

Clarke, who is stepping down for reasons we cannot disclose at this time, told members of the James JCRC in an internal email that he was “disappointed” at stepping down from his role.

As a result there are now 12 unfilled positions on the James JCRC out of a total 23 positions, with a number of resignations from the JCRC  in the last couple of weeks.

It is not immediately clear what will now happen regarding the appointment of a new college chair. Vision understands that a meeting will be convened by College Officer Mike Britland in the near future regarding moving forward, with the appointment of an interim chair a possibility.

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  1. I’d look further up the University food chain than Britland if I was you…This has a faintly South African feel to it if you ask me.

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