CHEATING SHAME: York students caught out by invigilators


Over one hundred students were caught out last year when the University discovered them cheating in assessments.

The University recorded 116 instances of academic misconduct between October 2013 and October 2014.

The majority of these cases were acts of plagiarism, with 74 instances recorded.

However there was also a significant number of occasions where students were discovered helping each other with assessed work, with 36 acts of collusion on record. 6 students were also caught cheating in exams.

The college with the most students caught acting dishonestly was Halifax, with 19 students being busted. Vanbrugh students were the least likely to be found bending the rules, with only 7 acts of misconduct on the record.

University Registrar and Secretary David Duncan said: “The University takes a firm approach to cheating.  This is an essential aspect of maintaining academic standards that are transparent and fair.

“At the same time, the best approach is to discourage students from cheating in the first place – we seek to make clear to students for the outset the standards that are expected of them and the consequences if they do not adhere to the rules.”