Charged Up: USB ports introduced on Unibus

The Unibus service has now introduced new seats, WiFi, and USB ports – according to their Twitter page.

Students and locals will now be able to keep their phones and other electronic devices charged up during their journeys, as the new features will be available on every Unibus.

Josh Salisbury, a third-year PPE student, said:¬†“Wifi and USB ports on board are good news, especially if like me you’re addicted to using your phone while you’re out and about!

“It’s a shame that the University dropped them in favour of First when Unibus seem so willing to make improvements to their service that students will love.”

With the new 24-hour 66 service being announced by YUSU, the Unibus – who previously¬†announced their rival 24/7¬†service – is seemingly battling to keep its name at the fore of students choices – particularly with their ‘#onlyoneunibus’ campaign on Twitter.

Who will you choose, York?




3 thoughts on “Charged Up: USB ports introduced on Unibus

  1. Remeber unibus did nothing when the tender was up and showed no ambition. Buses not turning up due to been short staff ect. 66 will indeed be my choice as so far they have been very reliable. Im guessing they will get usb ports to match the other operator. YOURBUS66!!!

  2. Well, good luck to them. I anticipate First will follow through in due course. This change in contract has forced both companies to up their game this summer, and that’s a win-win for students. It’s just a shame that it will eventually settle back to a status quo.

  3. Don’t forget that paying on the first bus 66 56 will return money to the uni. Whilst 44 will not. Yorkey cards are valid on all york services including park & rides. I will be travelling with first an they have got the same faces 44 had.

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