Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare leaked by Destructoid

Gaming blog Destructoid have revealed the upcoming Call of Duty game via their website.

kevin spacey
Kevin Spacey is the star of the new ‘Advanced Warfare’ reveal trailer

The next title, labeled as ‘Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’, was announced this morning through a 2:40 teaser trailer and a series of screenshots showcasing the game.

What’s more, the trailer stars veteran actor Kevin Spacey as a character who ‘runs a military corporation that has turned on the U.S. government’.

As stated by Destructoid: “The new Call of Duty, subtitled Advanced Warfare, revolves around a soldier of fortune group run by Spacey’s character that has turned on the United States government.

“As shown in the leaked media attached to this post, players will wear exosuits to jump super high, scale buildings, and cloak themselves. Also, hoverbikes.”

The news only concerns the game’s Story Mode, with Multiplayer and other possible modes yet to be announced.

Publisher Actiivision have confirmed the release of the upcoming title, developed by Sledgehammer Games, who have worked on previous games with ‘Modern Warfare’ creator Infinity Ward.

‘Advanced Warfare’ will be released November 4th on Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360 and PS3,¬†with other platforms yet to be revealed.

Adrian Horan
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