Breaks On A Budget

It’s that time of year again when exams are fast approaching, revision is taking too long, and summer still seems a distant dream.
But don’t despair- there is an antidote to all this! Grab your friends, boyfriend, girlfriend or Mum and just get out of here for a day. Studies even show that students who take a day off during revision can actually do better because they come back refreshed and ready to engage, and at these prices there is no reason at all to feel in the least bit guilty. Whether it’s a romantic day out for two, a break with the boys or just a relaxing trip with the girls you’re after, you’re sure to find something to suit you.
It is time to step away and get some good old perspective. Stress is destructive. Inevitable, but destructive. We all know the feeling when you’re in the library for what seems like the hundredth hour and freedom seems like a distant dream. It is about time we acknowledge that taking it slightly easy on ourselves will not mean the end of the world as we know it. In fact, it always is the case that the people who understand this generally do better – or I should say, at least have a fewer number of mental breakdowns. We are a product of our environment, and when our environment is the stress filled, deafeningly quiet, unbearably hot library, filled to the brim with people similarly stressing uncontrollably, we see a nervous breakdown not too far away.
The truth is, this feeling of entrapment can be detrimental to your studies. The work is hard enough, without the added stress of feeling frustrated and imprisoned within a too-brightly-lit library. Environment is everything, having regular breaks for fresh air, stretching your legs. These may seem simple but are easily forgotten.
So, in this issue, Vision gives you a selection of short getaways that are close enough and cheap enough for you to not feel guilty about taking that deserved time away. Those books are not going anywhere, so take some time to yourself or with someone else to remember that there is life outside the library, and that there is life outside exams. And when you return feeling relaxed and motivated to get back to work, you will be surprised at the difference in the quality of the work you are doing.
Give yourself a taster for the beautiful summer that is heading your way, provide that extra incentive for you to push on that bit longer with revision. Admittedly, Harrogate is hardly a fortnight on the beaches of Spain, but who knew that they are one of the few places in the world to share the pride of having a quaint Betty’s tea room on their land?
And with forecasts set for beautiful sunshine (well, as beautiful as we can expect from this country), why not make the most of it? It is a hard thought to think, when struggling to pick apart the most annoyingly oxymoronic argument known to man, that the life somehow keeps turning. Vision is here to tell you that university is too soon for grey hairs and sleepless nights. Take some time away on one of these breaks and set that fire, passion and love for your degree going again.
Guilt is not an issue, these breaks are set up to be short, sharp getaways, offering you a breath of fresh air rather than a round the world gap year. Yet it is true and hopeful to believe that breath could be what you need to keep climbing the steady but steep slope leading up to exams. It is about pace and taking the moments to remember that life goes on, always.


Ladies, it’s time to chill out. Harrogate is the ideal location to get away from all the stress of campus and spend the day having a much needed catch up. Harrogate is a picturesque town, with a river running through the centre lined with fairy-light speckled trees, perfect for a mid-morning ice cream or picnic for the super savers out there. There’s plenty to keep you occupied in Harrogate with dozens of well-known restaurant chains, shopping and a cinema. For those of you inclined to a little more luxury, Harrogate is one of the only places in the world other than York with a quaint Betty’s Tea Room. However, if it’s a posh afternoon tea experience you’re after and Betty’s prices are too much to contemplate after four weeks of term which have left your student loan looking a little worse for wear, look no further than Sugar Therapy. This sweet independent café is sure to finish your day off in style.

Train ticket price for a York to Harrogate return: £8.00. £5.30 with a 16-25 railcard.

When times are stressful, the only thing you need is a day out with your boyfriend or girlfriend to cheer you up and separate your relationship from the stresses of University. Scarborough is without a doubt the perfect place for a one day couples retreat. Start your day with a romantic stroll along the cliffs, beach, or to Scarborough’s beautiful ancient castle to work up an appetite for a delicious pub lunch, something Scarborough has to offer in abundance. Bryherstones Inn is a good place for a Sunday lunch in a truly traditional English pub. If it’s more fine dining you’re after, why not take a look at Trip Adviser’s number one restaurant CoGoni’s Ristorante for a glass of wine and some beautiful Italian cuisine. In the afternoon, you could finish off your day with a retreat into childhood at Scarborough’s Luna Fair, riding the Ferris wheel and meandering around the funfair. After all this, if you’re still not ready to say goodbye to the sea, then why not stay and watch the sunset from the beach?

Train ticket price for a York to Scarborough return: £17.90. £11.30 with a 16-25 railcard.

OK, so this isn’t strictly a day trip but is still an excursion worth considering if you need to blow off some steam. If you’re fed up with queuing for Revs and Tokyo, trying to squeeze onto the dance-floor in Kuda or tired of the cheesy music in Willow, it’s probably not because you’ve grown out of clubbing, but rather because you need a change of scenery. Leeds is the ideal destination for a big night out. The city is much bigger than York so it goes without saying that the nights out will offer more variety, and as students there is always a deal to be had. Bar Risa, Mission and well known Tiger Tiger are three of the more popular destinations for students, with cheap drinks and student nights. For those of you who prefer the Indie scene, try Faversham on a Saturday, The Cockpit on Friday, or Subculture. If there are any retro lovers out there, you should check out Rehab for their 80s night with 80s music and 80p drinks; what could possibly go wrong!

Train ticket price for a York to Leeds return: £12.30, £8.10 with a 16-25 railcard. But beware! The last train back to York is at 2:16 am.