YUSU scraps Mansion as Thursday Club night- giving another chance to Tokyo

Tokyo (now Fibbers) has another chance at being the official YUSU Thursday Club Night after being scrapped last year.

This was after student safety was put in jeopardy by the club.

Now, because Mansion may  be unable to accommodate the estimated 800 revelers who will turn up every Thursday, YUSU have been forced to scrap it as a club night.

The refurbishments required, including included widening fire doors to increase the capacity had not been completed last week and raised concerns of Mansion not being able to fulfill the demand for the forthcoming year.

YUSU President, Sam Maguire, commented:

“It is unfortunate that this decision had to be taken as we had expectations that a night in Mansion would be fantastic, however, student safety and accessibility is our priority for club nights and this was a call which had to be made.

We are very excited about how the night at Fibbers can develop with the capacity to fulfill the demand for our student night. The original decision was taken not to continue the YUSU nights at the old Tokyo venue (which is now Fibbers) as we thought it was time for a change and the night was in danger of becoming stale.

In response to that the venue underwent a major refurbishment and it looks fantastic and will ensure that the club can offer a fantastic night out. The night in Mansion had been designed to showcase student DJ and music societies and this will very much continue in the new venue and if any student acts are interested in being involved in the night they should contact me.”

However, it is uncertain whether Fibbers will serve students any better. A source close to Tokyo commented: “Tokyo can’t accommodate the students as they’ve lowered their capacity since adding a strip club upstairs, taking out the main stairwell and losing 250 capacity. This leaves only 500 approx, last year in Fresher’s week student nights at Tokyo were in excess of 1,200 throught the door with approx 850 people in the building at any one time.”

More to follow. Sam Maguire will respond to any concerns on Monday. 


5 thoughts on “YUSU scraps Mansion as Thursday Club night- giving another chance to Tokyo

  1. Surely Thomas Ron must have something to say about this. Previously he escribed Tokyo management as abilist. He needs to take a strong stand on this before he asks Sam Magurie and Kallum Taylor to back him when he runs for local council. The labour party has never been so lucky… Sorry, I meant the tories

  2. Umm actually I never said that at all, I merely said that the problem was that there were no accessible toilets. In fact, I also said that he was encouraged that the management said it was a problem and was committed to fixing it. Maybe you ought to do your research (starting with the exact quote ‘As a Network we have met with some club leaders and there is a clear understanding that clubs need to change’, from an earlier Vision article).

    In fact, if anything, I was more critical of Mansion, stating how I was upset that a disabled fresher was actually REFUSED entry and asked for assurances that Mansion would be fixed from Kallum and Sam. It turns out that Mansion were unwilling to do so, as evidenced by Goodricke’s fantastic rep Callum Dziedzic (who it must be said has been an absolute driving force behind this campaign) who discovered Mansion had no intention of changing their layout, which I duly stated to both Sam and Tara and was said in his blog, where he stated ‘student safety and accessibility is our priority for club nights and this was a call which had to be made’ showing that this was a decision about accessibility

    The reason I mentioned Tokyo initially was because they were less accessible than other clubs, but I actually had many times commended the staff for having a very professional attitude towards disabled students, offering to help them out in the building (something that Mansion notably did NOT have). I also understand that there HAVE been renovations to Tokyo (or Fibbers as I believe it is called now) and I look forward to seeing them along with Callum. In short, this is a positive step, showing that YUSU can and will act if the assurances it is given are not met, I fully commend this, and I encourage people not to put words in my mouth.

  3. Simmer down, boys and girls. Common sense says that Mansion being dropped is good for disabled people, given that you can’t even get into the fucking place without climbing some steps. 20 lines of Tron explaining himself to the people of York-town are not required to work that one out, friends.

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