First ever Constantine College president ousted


Usman Khan has been removed from the Constantine College Student Association following a vote of no confidence motion submitted against the college’s president.

Khan, who is the first directly-elected president of the newly-formed college, was voted out by other members of the CSA’s committee.

The vote of no confidence, which took place on Wednesday April 22, was submitted to the CSA on March 28 last month.

He will be able to launch an appeal against the decision.

All Constantine College students will be able to vote on whether or not he is reinstated if an appeal is launched.

Reacting to his suspension last month, Usman Khan said he hoped committee members realised their “responsibility of representing students”.

“It is my aim for Constantine College to provide a supportive and inspirational college environment where academic, sporting, entrepreneurial, skilful and social endeavours of its members are successfully realised,” he told York Vision.

“I have been working with my committee to ensure that these goals are realised while everyone in the College and within the committee are happy and enjoying their experience of representing students.

“However, some committee members have resorted to undermining others and blocking proposals such as increasing the number of sports officers from 2 to 4 which is needed to encourage wider sports participation in the college. A recent call for a Vote Of No Confidence is equally surprising as no coherent reason for the actions have been provided.

“I hope committee members realise their responsibility of representing students, being accountable to them and thus, work in their best interest.”

The CSA is yet to release an official statement.

Usman Khan has been contacted by Vision for his response.

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