Booze Week

A national campaign encouraging people to communicate about the health risks, social problems and presence of alcohol in society, is taking place this month in York.

‘Alcohol Awareness Week,’ is an annual campaign headed by the charity, ‘Alcohol Concern,’ and takes place from the 18th to the 24th of November.

The purpose of the week is for local communities to engage in their own organised activities and events, fitting in with this year’s theme, ‘Conversations about Alcohol.’

YUSU have confirmed that there will be staff present outside Kuda, Tokyo, Salvation and Revolution every night of week 8, handing out water to students as they leave the clubs. YUSU will also be distributing beer mats in all of the university’s student bars. It is hoped that the slogans on these mats will encourage people to think about alcohol abuse more seriously.

YUSU president Kallum Taylor told Vision: “We obviously want our students to have a great time when they go out – but to do so in a responsible manner. There’s a fine line between having a ball and pushing it too far in a way”.

“Having some water along the way, and once you’re done, can really help this out.”

Following on from alcohol awareness week, it is hoped that people will sign up to the Dry January Challenge, where participants aim to give up drinking for a month.

Alcohol Concern states “We’re going to ask people to pledge money or get sponsored to motivate them to stick at the challenge”, whilst further confirming that approximately 200,000 people come to work with a hangover every day.

It is hoped that these facts will create an impact on people in order to encourage them to think more about the effects of alcohol consumption.