Tories hold secret ‘Hagueathon’… But we find out anyway

A BINGE-DRINKING society event branded “totally irresponsible” was organised again in secret, it emerged over the weekend.

Over 150 people were invited to the University’s Conservative and Unionist Association’s Hagueathon, which encourages participants to down 14 pints of beer or 10 large glasses of wine in 12 hours.

According to a source at the event, around 30 people attended and one individual managed to drink 10 pints within 5 hours.

In May, the event sparked outrage after a public event was created inviting students to come along.

Local councillors, MPs and alcohol charities blasted the event as “insensitive” and “irresponsible.”

Labour Councillor Linsay Cunningham-Cross said it was “totally irresponsible”.

But now organisers have run it again in secret.

An ‘invitation-only’ Facebook event said: “Well, it’s that time of year again. In honour as always of the great William Hague, we invite all of you, freshers, returners and erm… seasoned veterans alike to come and join us in an attempt to consume the fabled 14 pints (or 10 large glasses of wine) in 12 hours… provided you aren’t a reporter.”

“So come and see us this 15th November, at 12pm, whether you are competing or not, at the ancient starting venue to which, like the prodigal son, we have returned, the Seahorse, for a spectacular, safe, and above all, secret Hagueathon!”

A university spokesman said it “strongly discouraged” the consumption of excessive alcohol.

In a statement, he said: “We strongly discourage excessive consumption of alcohol and oppose the staging of events which promote it, either tacitly or overtly.”

A spokesperson for the York Tories did not respond to York Vision’s request for comment by the time of going to print.

8 thoughts on “Tories hold secret ‘Hagueathon’… But we find out anyway

  1. Sad to see vision have reduced themselves to The Tab’s “posh people did it so it makes it news” level of journalism. This wouldn’t be newsworthy if any other society did it.

  2. Who are you to criticise someone for drinking this much? If they want to, it’s their choice…

    Get over yourself and get a hobby you sad acts.

    University is full of offence hunters who are literally pathetic human beings.

  3. Utterly ridiculous of Vision to write an article like this, if it was any other society it wouldn’t be news. Most sports societies drink this much in one night, it makes not difference what society they are.

  4. I am Andrew Crawford Brades, Lord of the Tories, oppressor of the oppressed, privatiser of the NHS, cutter of benefits, Champion of numerous Haguethon. I will have my 14 pints in 12 hours in this life or the next. (Also a Labour councillor is going to find it “totally irresponsible”).

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