Bev Rogers

BevRodgersPICName: Bev Rogers

College: Derwent College

Year: 4

Subject: Mathematics

Campaign in three words: Listening to you


I have been active in this university since Day One. I set up the Knitting Society, which is still going strong in its third year. I was Chair Berlusconi of Dougsoc, which you may appreciate is like herding cats. I’ve participated in YSIS and the Tea and Coffee Club.

Throughout these activities, the most important thing I’ve learned is when to charge ahead and when to sit back and listen, and you’ll see what kind of time I think this is.

What’s the most important part of your manifesto?

I will listen to people throughout my campaign and my time in office. Nothing could be more important than that, and that’s why it takes up half of my manifesto. This is the time when people are most invested in student politics, and I want to grab this opportunity with both hands and get people’s ideas and complaints now.

How do you differ from the other candidates?

I’ve made a commitment to listen to people. I may not be as well-connected as the other candidates seem to be, but I’m going to be basically everywhere during my campaign, and I’ll be listening to people instead of just spouting my policies. Let’s face it, if you want to know what I think you can read a poster, but I can only find out what you think by talking to you. Plus, I’m the only one with such a fabulous jumper.

What was your favourite thing the previous officer did and why?

My favourite thing Anna has done might not seem like a big deal. One of my friends runs a society, and when one of their members was being obstructive, they turned to Anna and asked for help. She helped them deal with the problem before everything boiled over, and the society is once again running smoothly. Effectively dealing with even the smallest of issues before they become huge problems is a really important part of this job, even if it’s not the most visible.

What’s the most important thing about the role you are going for?

Yes, I’m going to say listening. And not just listening, but actively seeking out the opinions of people on the ground. But, if I had to pick something else, I’d say getting the word out. It’s all very well having a massive variety of events, but if no-one knows about them then nobody benefits.

How are you campaigning?

Massive amounts of footwork! I’ll be visiting everywhere I can with my handy notebook to record your ideas, and I’ll be wearing a purple and turquoise stripy jumper so you can instantly recognise me. If you spot me, come talk to me, and (unless I’m late for a lecture) I’ll listen to your ideas, complaints, etc and see what I can do.

What do you like the most about York?

I love the sheer variety of things there are to do at this university. With everything there is going on, nobody should just be doing their degree, and I think that’s fantastic. And if you mean the city, I don’t think I’ll ever live anywhere that squeezes as much culture into each square mile again.

What’s the best slogan you can think of for your campaign?

Activities should Be Visible, Be Valuable and Be inclusiVe, so vote BeV.

What do you think about York Vision?

This paper is entertaining, informative and makes excellent art material.