Back to Uni: Preppy fashion



The preppy look is all about girly accessories and bright prints, a sentiment captured beautifully by this dress. The white collar gives it that ‘innocent’ edge, while the bright print makes sure that all eyes are on you. Avoid any bright accessories that might clash with such a statement print, old favourites like pale tweed, black leather handbags and a seriously expensive yet delicate necklace are markers to those in the fashion know how. Flaunt your legs with these stunning white leather loafers; paired with black ankle socks they complete the outfit perfectly. With a low heel and light jacket this look is the perfect transition look, take off the jacket for a lunch out with friends, and cover up when you head back into lectures.




Summer’s the perfect time for the preppy girl to let loose. Forget the structured blazers and heavy skirts of winter; summer is all about bright coloured tops, flowing floral skirts and quirky accessories. Boiling hot you may be, but you’re still the most fashionable chick in your friendship group, so don’t give in to the temptation of baggy t-shirts and jersey shorts. Structured cotton vintage dresses with broderie anglaise details are girly and flirtatious, but this maxi dress with embroidered details is slimming and fashion forward when paired with these unusual feathered epaulettes. Keep your jewellery simple; let your feathers do the talking! A detailed, intricately plaited up-do a la Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl is all the detail you need for the perfect summer outfit. Wear this wandering through some fields, or (more likely) down the pub, at least all eyes will be on you!



The quintessential preppy girl look, this is a classic that will flatter any shape! Tuck your box style shirt into the a-line skirt and top with a cropped tweed jacket. Remember to keep the colours muted, with pops of brightness in your shoes and leather satchel. A great detail to add is a velvet bow or collar weights, showing your quirky fashion credentials. Get those heels as high as you can manage, although careful you don’t fall over, that wouldn’t be channeling the polished preppy girl look at all! Another great look with this skirt is a pussy-bow blouse; the preppy look is all about the girly look with edgy accessories to keep you from straying into looking like your little sister. Mary Jane shoes are great for making your legs look like they go on for miles, and if you’re feeling nippy you can just throw on some patterned tights or a classic black pair. You really can’t go wrong with this look, pieces that every preppy girl should have in her wardrobe already!



A statement jacket can go so well with any look, and in this look it serves to toughen up an otherwise girly dress. The waterfall design is very flattering but make sure you keep the colour scheme in your outfit consistent. Preppy girls don’t clash! Paired with simple black courts and a clutch bag this is perfect for a dinner date out, but without the jacket and with the white leather wedges instead the dress could be ideal for a summer tea party on the lawn. This outfit is great for ramping up the jewellery as there’s not much glitter otherwise. A statement lip and slicked back hair show your preppy, girly style has a fashion forward edge.



Last but not least, you’ll obviously need an outfit for the biggest date in the preppy girl calendar: Henley! With all those gorgeous rowing boys limbering up on the banks, striking the balance between glamorous goddess and level headed rowing babe is tantamount. Remember that whilst comfort becomes more key, you must never lose out on the clean lines and classic colours that are central to the preppy look. Wear a classic striped long sleeve or cable knit jumper to keep you warm, a gilet thrown over the top is just classy enough to show your fashion credentials whilst leaving your arms free for holding glasses of Pimms and taking photos as the boats row past. A bright silk scarf keeps you warm and bright and some leather riding boots demonstrate that you know how to get down working with your horses but you’re definitely not the kind to get dirty. All teamed with your perfect hair and nails, the Oxbridge boys will be swooning in no time!




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