AZEEM for the YUSU Summer Ball?

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Since Jess Glynne will be a no-show at this year’s Summer Ball, who else could possibly replace her?

The one, the only: Azeem!

Azeem in his zone

A group on Facebook has been created with the aim of acquiring Azeem, the infamous flutist, for a night of flutey-filled fun at this year’s Ball.

Azeem, a music student at University of California Santa Barbara, recently rose to fame when his flute recital’s Facebook event unexpectedly received over 90,000 attendees.

With over 50,000 of us watching his recital live via stream, Azeem is a pretty big deal now.

It was announced by YUSU on Tuesday that Jess Gylnne would no longer be headlining the Summer Ball.

The ‘Hold My Hand‘ singer has had to cancel gigs at universities across the country after clashes with other commitments with her upcoming album release.