Andy Lake


Name: Andy Lake

College: James College

Year: 3

Subject:  Writing, Directing and Performance.

Campaign in three words: Positive, Pro-active, Personal.

What’s the most important part of your manifesto?

Constantine College is arriving, and Heslington East is just not up to scratch. We really need to push for a shop, health centre and YUSU building on Hes East campus.

How do you differ from the other candidates?

I hope my hard-working ethic and approachability set me apart from the crowd. I love working under pressure and I love getting stuff done. I don’t know if some of the other candidates share this desire.

What was your favourite thing the previous officer did and why?

I think it has to be the way Kallum connected YUSU with its members. Everyone should feel like a part of their Union. There is still some work to do, but he has laid the foundations and really thrived in his role as President.

What’s the most important thing about the role you are going for?

Accessibility. If you have a problem, you should not be afraid to voice your concern. This is YOUR Union. I will give you a voice.

How are you campaigning?

I will be running around everywhere. I want to talk to you and I want you to talk to me. There will be posters, there will be handouts, there will be banners, and we’ll see if we can’t have a few “Lake” antics, if you catch my drift!

What do you like the most about York?

I love doing things, so fortunately for me there is always something going on. One week I’m drumming for Jesus Christ Superstar, the next I’m strutting my stuff in Fusion. Getting involved at York really offers an experience like no other – the more you do, the more fantastic people you will meet.

What’s the best slogan you can think of for your campaign?

Andy Lake: The Biggest Lake on Campus.

What do you think about York Vision?

I think it is an incredible achievement to compile a newspaper around degree work! York Vision’s successful history really speaks for itself. It is an asset to the university.

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