Alcuin College to open exam ZOO to help relieve stress

lamb-springAlcuin has become the latest college to unveil its idea to relieve exam stress – and officials say they will be opening a ZOO.

Lambs and chicks will be among the cute animals on show to students on the 8 May from 11.30am in the JCR.

Officials say the move is being done to “relieve” exam stress.

“Spring chicks? Baby lambs? Yes, these will be just some of the adorable animals on show in the JCR on the 8th May to relieve the stress of exams,” the Facebook event description says.

It comes following Vision’s exclusive yesterday that Halifax College would be opening up a puppy lounge for the exam period.

Sponsorship Officer Rachel Smith and the Vice-President of Welfare Jessica Smith hopes the idea will help students who are stressed during weeks 5 to 7.

“The exam period is a particularly stressful time for many students and that often coincides with an increase in feelings of homesickness,” Jessica said.

“The comfort that you can get from physical contact, specifically hugging and playing, with another living thing has been shown to help reduce this type of emotional stress, especially if that animal is a household pet that reminds you of home.”

Meanwhile, Derwent College is offering students free yoga classes.

The sessions, which will run every Monday throughout term, will help maintain “air and peace” throughout the college, officials hope.

They added: “So whether you are a yoga novice or a pro, everyone can benefit from the stress relief Yoga provides, whilst also improving flexibility and strength. And it’s free. You have nothing to lose!”

6 thoughts on “Alcuin College to open exam ZOO to help relieve stress

  1. So of course Alcuin came up with this in a day just to copy Halifax… numpty. It’s a coincidence; two individual plans that are obviously getting announced at similar times.

  2. Its hardly an original idea; “puppy rooms” etc. have been doing the rounds in Students’ Unions for a couple of years. Stress-related anxiety, depression and other mental illnesses are serious issues. This is not a serious answer.

  3. These events are no suggested as therapy sessions and none of the colleges that are working on initiatives are (or would ever) claim them to address the issues of stress-related anxiety, depression or, more broadly, mental health. The goal of the events is to provide students with well-planned and entertaining short breaks from revision and preparation for exams & open assessments. We hope that this will simply help to raise spirits in colleges over what tends to be a tense period of time. We also hope that pre-arranged breaks will help some of the students reduce time lost for procrastination – many find it more helpful to focus on work when they have a planned (and fun) break to look forward to.

    The events organised by colleges by no means substitute services provided by the Open Door Team (which include one-to-one support by ODT practitioners, group therapy and mindfulness workshops that will be starting around campus shortly) as well as GPs and other professionals. We would strongly advise any students who are experiencing mental health challenges to seek support from those partners. College Tutors, Officers and Provosts can always provide friendly and non-judgmental advice on what support may be available to our students and help to seek it.

    Good luck in your finals everyone!
    Dr Oleg Lisagor
    (Halifax College Provost)

  4. I should have also said that any insinuations that colleges have ‘stolen’ ideas from each other have no metit whatsoever. We frequently discuss our ideas and work together rather than competing. Similar ideas have developed independently in a number of colleges and i remember discusing them with colleagues from other colleges during the RAG Parade.

    I should so apologise for notentioning College Deans and Administrators as key members of College teams that support our students and signpost to other services within and outside the University.

  5. PS As well as to apologise for misspelling of “merit” and “not mentioning”, while advising students to use the previous comment as an illustration that they should proof read their work before submitting it to avoid embarrassment :)

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