Activities candidate Chris Wall calls for campus bouncy castle

ChrisWallPICYUSU Student Activities Officer candidate Chris Wall called for a campus bouncy castle yesterday.

The third-year student made the call when speaking on University Radio York’s Candidate Night on Friday.

He told host interviewer Al Riddell: “One of the things I talk about is the idea of having a bouncy castle on campus during exam season for a little bit of light-hearted stress relief because it’s a little bit of fun, and might make other universities look at us and be a little bit jealous.”

He added that his policies were exciting but “realistic” as well.

The Vanbrugh College student, who is the former chair of YSTV, said the idea was one that you would “never say you could do again at University”.

Other candidates vying for the role of Student Activities Officer are Mathematics student Bev Rogers and English and Literature in Education student Harriet Gibson.

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